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       How To Edit Html Code On Mobile

Hello friends Nowadays in this era, such technology has come that a man does not need to get up from his place. Like computers, laptops have come such a technology that man can sit in one place and make good business in the whole world and earn good money too. But this can happen when he has enough technology to have enough equipment. And the work that he can do with a laptop computer. Now you can do that work from mobile too. You just need a way of how it works. So in the mobile world, now you have become such an app that you can use your mobile as a computer because of that app. As you would have heard the name of otg cable. This cable has many uses like you can transfer data, connect the pan card and save your data in it, and if you want you can connect the keyboard to it and use it as a mini computer. There are many things that you can do on your mobile just as you can on the computer, you just have to know about these tricks.
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What Is Html Coding :-

Hypertext Mark Up Language, commonly called html This is a markup language that is used to create a webpage. Most websites are created with html with css and java.

Why we Need Html Editor For Mobile :-

First of all we need html editor so that we do not have a laptop or a computer. And the other requirement is that we need html editing on mobile even if we are out and we do not have a laptop or computer for editing. So for these things we use the html editor. It is also convenient for us and it becomes very easy too.

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How to edit Html Code On Mobile :-

Firstly, you have to download an app from Google Play Store. Install that app and follow step by step, this is a very useful app that will be very useful to you.
Go to anwrite app 
 Then click on Get it on Google play
 After downloading open the app

Click on + sign then start write code as your wish then save the code and you can also run this code . I mean you can check code easily in this app .

 If you are using blogger and want to edit something on your mobile without this app this so hard to edit the code on mobile so now you can do these types of stuff on mobile phone easily follow these steps

1. Just go to theme section 
2. Click on edit html
3. Copy whole code 
4. Open anWrite app
5. Click on three dots

6. Select paste
7. Then edit the code
8. Go to bloggers theme section all coding and remove all codes
10. Copy code from app
11. Paste the code into edit html section of theme
12. Save theme
So easy steps to do these things on mobile
You can also do blogging on mobile 

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