Memory Boost Up Tips ! How to boost up your memory ! Memory Boost Up Tips For Students ! How To increase Remember Skills

                How to boost up your memory 

Stressful time starts for students when the exams come. If you are studying from the beginning, then the stress in the exams can be reduced, if for some reason this is not possible, then by adopting very easy advice given by psychiatrists, you can also reduce the stress in exams and the students get good marks Can achieve. Know about them

 Be Alert :-

Practice making full use of your brain. For example if you are wandering Bante study and minds here - and there never will be unable to study in any manner. Either after completing all his wishes, sat to study, so that you should be completely alerts while leaving or studying.

Understand The Topic :-

The best way to remember anything is to understand that whatever you are learning, understand it correctly. Once you understand something, then you will never forget that topic. To understand, you have written that information in a nutshell. Read to topic again and again.

Take Proper Rest :-

It is necessary for the memory to get enough sleep. Many satisfied attempts to sleep at least during the preparation of exams. This is a wrong habit. Like our body our brain needs rest. Due to not getting enough sleep, the brain gets tired and concentration is also less.

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Use Mnemonics :-

Mnemonics means writing any information in visual pictures, sentences or interesting verses. For example, remember the colors of rainbow colors by writing VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red). You have to prepare creative words yourself.

Keep Attantion On Entertainment:-

Not all studies should be done only on studies, but it should also be entertained for some time. You can play favorite games. You can stroll on the terrace or do anything you like. This gives mind and body plenty of comfort.

Do Mental Exercise :-

The body also needs exercise as well. Regular mental exercises (to do such a task in which the mind has to put emphasis). This causes neurons of the brain to make new connections and have more alertness in the brain. You can choose a new hobby for mental exercise, read and explore a detective novel, learn a foreign language or solve a puzzle (sudoku).

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Do Meditation :-

Meditation helps in concentrating the brain. Therefore, students are advised to pay attention. For attention, make a black ball of one inch diameter on a drawing paper. him . Strain on the wall and sit around the spacing of this shell about three feet away and keep it awake for five to ten minutes.

Take Revision Again And Again :-

After remembering anything, it is okay to repeat it. After memorizing the topic you missed, repeat the eyes and close it. Whenever you sleep at night or wake up in the morning, at that time, repeat the mind once again. In this way the missed text immediately remembers you in the exams. And you can write it correctly

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Maintain Healthy Lifestyle :-

Develop a healthy lifestyle. Take a healthy, balanced diet, exercise regularly. Healthy lifestyles increase the amount of blood and oxygen in the brain. Exercise Your Feel - Good Hormone also enhances Endorphin, which improves your mood

 Special Tricks of Success In Exams

1.You should avoid writing answers to questions in haste. Whatever you remember, you must put it in very short words in the answer book. Take care of the time to solve the question paper. The answers to the questions you have to complete should be completed well. After this, those questions which are not understood, should try to answer them. At the very beginning, engaging in difficult questions weakens the confidence.

2.Make Short Notes :- 

First of all try to know how you remember. If you remember things by writing well then try to memorize the subject by writing. If you can remember by speaking, then speak and speak. You should also prepare short notes to increase your memory.

3. Read Fast :-

You should practice fast reading because when you read slowly your mind starts wandering. Whatever topic you want to remember, read it faster with the help of fingers. With this you will be concentrated during the study and you will get full time for revision.

4. Clear All Concepts :-

Try to do a debate with your friends about what you have read. Try to tell anyone what you have missed. Try to convince your other colleagues what you have understood. Concepts will clear and confidentiality will increase.

5. Don't Be Afraid :-

Students are thinking about the exams and do not know what will come in the paper and what not. Know this well that you have studied for the whole year and that exam is going on once. Therefore, the paper will come as it is, it will come only through the study.

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