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There are big hard drives on the computer. In such a way it is difficult to find a document from a PC. This is because every time you search using the default tool in Windows, it scans every folder. Now you can easily find any document with the help of Everything. When you install software for the first time, it indexes the content of your hard drive.
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Windows's default copy tool disturbs. These files are slowly copied. If there is an error when copying multiple files. So hard work gets worse. Pausing it does not even have the option to stop the transfer for a while. In such a way Terracopy can be used. It contains full shell integration. This replaces your default Explorer copy tool, so that the program starts to copy files every time.
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File Shredder :-

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When a file is deleted in Windows, it is not completely deleted from the hard drive. The delete function only hides the file for that time, unless the space is overwritten by new data. You can retrieve these files from the special file recovery software. File shredder can be used to permanently delete a file. It wrangles random binary data several times at the space of the deleted file. It is not too difficult to use.
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Filelist Creator :-

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If a friend asks you to send a list of your MP3 Songs, typing the name of each file will be a lot of trouble. Now the file list creator can create a list of all files in your folder. In this program, point to the folder. You can include all - folders in it. After this you can select the parameters of the files that you want to include. In it, Dum pot size, path, date etc. parameters can be seen in the preview window. This is formatting you Also gives the opportunity to choose options. Headers, spacing, yuping, and the order of columns can decide. After deciding everything, it can save as text file, CSV, HTML or image.
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Many times the same file fits into many folders. For example, a photo profile can also be in the folder of pix and instead of placing multiple copies of the file in the folder of the date, you can use the smart tagging system from Elyse and They can be searched from tags. Point the Elyse to a folder and then make the tags you want. Then you can tag the files by dragging and dropping them. If you use the same file for looking projects, then this tool can be useful.
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Encrypt On Click :-

If you want to hide a particular file or folder in the wrong places, you can get help with the encrypt on click. First, start the program, select the file or folder that you want to protect and enter the password at the end. After this the file can not open none of the password. It is fully integrated with Windows OS. This is very useful for you.
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Copy Changed Files :-

If you regularly backup your files to an external hard disk, then you should use copy-changed files. This tool is placed on two different locations. Just like it helps to compare the contents of folders. After this you can copy the files that have been modified.
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Anti-Twin :-

Many different folders or hard drives often have the same file store. In this case, you can find and delete duplicate files from Anti-Twin. Choose a folder on Basic Comparison Points. You can search duplicate files in the folder or compare to other folders in this folder. Comparison Criteria can make a file name, file size, or extension base.
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By mistake, a file has been deleted, unfortunately there are no undo buttons. If you do not use any shredding tools, you can recover the file from Recuva. When programs run, it is asked what kind of files are searched for like - picture, music, document etc. After this he will have to pick up the drive where the file was kept. You will also be given a choice of Deep Scan.
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If you rename many files on the computer then you can use Metamorphose. In the Picker tab, select those files that you want to rename. Then, in the Man tab, you can choose whether to apply to operation name or extension or both. You can add anything in front of or behind each file's name. . You can search for any text in the name and replace it with another name.
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