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Important Fact About Mobile Battery ! Important News About Your Mobile Battery

Important Fact About Mobile Battery ! Important News About Your Mobile Battery

By pexel

Hello friends we know that The trend of mobile phones has increased in today's time, but today there are many confusions about mobile phone batteries in people's minds. Some people think That the phone should not be used during charging. The truth is that if you are not using a poor third-party charger. Then you can use the phone during charging. So let's talk about these things

 Phone switches Off:-
 Some people never turn off mobile phones, while mobile phones should also be comfortable. To increase the battery life of the phone, the phone should be closed from time to time. Experts believe. That at least once a week, your mobile phone must definitely switch off.

Charging in the night:-
 some people refrain from charging the whole night on a phone charge, because it feeds them to damage the phone's battery. The truth is that smart smartphones are smarter than that. When the battery of the smartphone is full, it automatically closes charging.

Whether to drain the battery or not:-
Many people believe that do not charge it until the phone is fully switched off. In such a situation, many people do not charge phone if kept in front and say that the battery still has 30 percent of the rest. The truth is that charging the phone daily is better than deep-charging from time to time. If the phone's battery is completely over, it becomes unstable.

Battery will be damaged:-
Some people think that the battery is damaged by the use of other brands' chargers. The truth is that other brands' chargers work properly, but fake chargers can spoil the battery condition. Stay away from fake chargers.

 heat has a bad effect on the battery. Lithium-ion batteries are heated and they become even warmer when charging. Cold battery is also worse quickly. Do not remove the battery from the phone repeatedly. .

Do not hang the handset:-
 can cause excessive gadget damage. You should not hang your handset through the power outlet via the wire. Doing so may damage your phone's power connector. After the mobile phone is fully charged, you should remove it from the power outlet.

Keep in mind the special things:-
If your phone gets discharged quickly, firstly check that the battery is not damaged. Separate the battery from the phone and rotate on the flat ground. If the battery rotates easily, then understand that the battery has blossomed somewhere that is the time to change the battery.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

How to use Mobile banking apps safely

            How to use Mobile banking apps safely

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Nowadays mobile banking apps have increased trends along with mobile phones. They should be used with caution. If someone gets a sense of personal information, then there can also be loss.

Promotional SMS:-

 now a days fashion of fake spam SMS. Has increased significantly. These messages offer attractive offers. After clicking on these, the download of malware starts in the mobile. This allows hackers to access personal banking information.


Banks have developed tools that monitor spam mails. google administrator and lifehacker tools can detect spam mails.

Phone without lock:-

If  There is no lock in the phone. . And if it is lost then information can be found by going to the mobile banking app in Hackers.


Banks will not be able to access mobile banking until they get the request from SMS and voice-enabled mobile phone number. Banks follow a safe standard request format.

Non-Update Banking app :-

* If you have a mobile app * of the bank and have not updated it from time to time, then this malware can be caused by the virus. With this, anyone can know the details of mobile banking application.


Bank Black - The filter uses the list to check the listed application version. Version Black - If there is a list, you will get an error message and the app will have to be upgraded.

Use of Wi-Fi:-

 if you use free public Wi-Fi or shared Wi-Fi connection, you accept the application of mailware. These are information from your mobile phone. Can reach


Most banks prepare white and black lists of IP address and domain names. This does not expose the mobile app to an unknown domain.

illegal software:-

 Which targets the file of the download content from the unknown website. After the Binders come to the mobile, the information related to mobile banking can be scaled up.


Do not store information on back mobile phones. Bank related information is sent from the mobile phone to the bank in an encrypted manner.

Mobile operating system:-

Mobile Banking using an old mobile operating system can be dangerous. Hackers can be dental in it. Special arrangements are made for security in the new version of mobile OS.


 Bank mobile monitors monitor twice apart. It is taken for special tools, for the help of most of the bank in the eco system.

Weak password :-

if you use the same password for mobile banking, which is used in all other apps, then steal passwords from other apps from malware. Could.


A six digit password is required for mobile banking. It is safer than a four digit password.

Settings of other apps:-

 If you do pop up while downloading apps on your mobile phone, then this allows anyone to access the mobile banking details in your app.


 Banks use such apps , Which provide scores on operating system security updates and malware detection. Even if the application can decide to turn off the mobile app.

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Places To Visit Outside Of India In Winter

Places To Visit Outside Of India In Winter

By pixel
Credit by pexel

 What a cool breeze in the air, we got the cold winter! . . . Hi winter . . . started doing . Do not take the name out of the quilt. Who says the cold, it will be known when you will ever go to these cold places of the world.

Oymyakon, Russia :-
worlds  coldest city is Oymyakon There is always snow free. In the year 1924 Russian scientist Sergey Obrechev had a temperature of minus 71. Entered 2 degrees Celsius. Here is the lowest temperature of any place on earth where human remains. The environment here is very unfavorable for human living, because of this there are people living here.

Baro, Alaska:-
Located in the far north of the United State, this city, which is just 1300 miles south of the North Pole and 320 miles north from the Arctic Circle And . People living here due to fast and cold winds are not equal. Here the sun sinks at the end of November, then it does not grow until the end of January. Over 6 months in the year, the temperature here is less than the point of burial.

Esmmett , Greenland:-
 in the german language meaning of Emmett is - Ice Center. The lowest temperature minus 64. 9 ° C is recorded. It is counted in the coldest places of the northern hemisphere. In the last month of July, here is minus 1. 8 Di. Mr. Celsius temperature recorded. This month's average temperature minus 12. 2 degree Celsius. There is never sunset than ever since 13th July 30 and from November 23 to January 20.

   Verkhoyansk ,Russia:-
 world's coldest country of Russia and 3 Varagiosk here is the second most cold place. Here's the city that is present in the Republic of the city. According to the census of the year 2011, the population here was only 2893. In the year 1638, its search was as a fort and here it was tin and gold mine. Apart from this, this place is considered to be special for animal husbandry. Here is the airport, the river is the port and the tutor to collect fur. There is a tight-handed house.

Vostok station Antarctica:-
Vostok station is the Antarctic Research Station It is located on Southern Pole. It is the highest month in Vistok. August is the minus 89. Founds to 2 degrees Celsius. An interesting here is that the sun is also seen here at the highest time (hour). While the May is not till the troops of May here, in the December, then here for the earth 22. There is a light of sun to the hurry of the sun. May be in the past. "The presence of the sun is not even for a minute.

Snag Yukon canada:-
The name comes in the list of the world's cold cold villages in the switch. In the Eukon Highway of Canada, 25. From the shore creek on the east of the Araka Highway, M. S. Saga is located in the south. This is the highest amount of September in the village of White River in the Krownena Valley, at that time the minus is 63 degrees Celsius.

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Photo credit to pexel

Online shopping is not only enough to be abroad but also now being quite popular in India. Especially in the youth where the reach of the Internet has been available to villages, every other is now available online. The bank also gives many kinds of discounts and offers to online shopping. But when making the curtain online, we have some precautions. When people are in mind the many shopping, there are many kinds of fears. These feasts are started online. The festival season has started the possibility of such fraud and increases it. But people can save themselves from being online with the fracture.
 So take the precautions and be safe from online fraud

Look at the sellers ratings:-

People press the button to buy the product. Before this, see the seller's ratings. Especially buy goods from such vendors who have transacted at least 50 or more and their rating is also 90 per cent or at least 4 star. The higher the same as you can. That can rely on that seller.

 Do not fall for cheap and discount:-

If people are getting very expensive on any shopping website and they are making a mind cheap to buy it. Because in this way people have not even lack of earning their hard work by giving them a falseness. Many times also see that customers are giving good tips to cheaply, in the gifts, stuff, plastic or soaps are delivered in the gifts. It is not even not to be able to give discounts on expensive things in online shopping, but whenever they click on such deal, then always always focus attention Keep that you buy from the official seller only. . Many times it is noticed that the seller has got a good rating, but he has only 18 so far. Avoid relying on such a vendor if you have done 20 transactions.

Give attention to the service center too:-

Whenever you buy a product online, get all the information related to that product such as Warranty or Service Center With the help of free accessories, along with the details of the details of that product, if you have given a mail id, please note it anywhere. Whenever the product is booked online and in addition to the code and e-mail conformity, if it is being sold by a third-party vendor, then keep its address there. Because sometimes sites cite their third position by citing the third party service. It is always good to see the product in the site so check it thoroughly on every side and check that whatever product you have booked. You're the same delivery here. Well, in all the popular sites, all information related to product availability is given.

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Make money from spitball 2.0 ! Make money while helping other with their homework

Make money from spitball 2.0 ! Make money while helping other with their homework

Hello friends how are you today I am here with a great idea to make money online with no hard effort. We know that making money online is not easy at this time we have to make lots of effort .and we have to spend more time for less money and in last we get nothing in our hand .today I am telling about a new money making method in easy way 
I have researched on this site and many people get paid from this site and they get payout through amazon gift card. Sounds great na 
So friends I am taking about spitball 2.0 herr you can make money easily from your source of knowledge.

So let's talk about spitball 2.0

What is spitball 2.0 :-

Spitball is the website or company is drived from New York
 Spitball offers students a quick and simple way to Ask and Answer tricky homework questions. Spitball incentivizes knowledgeable students to support one another for profit, bringing students from all over the world together to help each other succeed in school. Ask Your Question OR answer someone else’s. If you are a ask questions then you have to pay to spitball and if you want to give your answer then you get paid it's simple method to earn money here.

How you get paid from spitball:-

If you want to cashout your reward Frist of all you have to check you are eligible for cashout. Then check your cashout reward criteria and select cashout and you get Amazons gift card on your entered mail id with in 24 hours . So easy stuff 

How spitball work:-

Spitball acts as an mediator of academic content and a marketplace for students to come here  and exchange information, so this is the best marketplace to exchange ideas and make money from here without cost .

What is sbl points:-

Sbl points like a reward for giving answer of a question or if you want to ask a question then you have pay sbl points.
Sbl points are redeemable into Amazon gift card so you have to collect them after a criteria you get paid .
And 100 SBL= 1$ 
You can redeem 1000 SBL= 10$ Amazon gift card minimum
And you get 100SBL points as gift for ask questions of spitball

So friends keep exchanging your knowledge and make money easily
Here is the joining link Click here to join

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World's biggest airport Istanbul Turkey ! Airport in 19 thousands acres world record

World's Biggest Airport Istanbul Turkey ! Airport In 19 Thousands Acres Area Become A World Record

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Hello friends today we talk about a world record how a airport of Turkey Istanbul makes a world record and what is the specifications and features of the airport let's talk. This is the Frist stage
88 thousand crore in Turkey First phase of airport to be built in Istanbul
The first phase of the world's largest airport in Istanbul is completed in Turkey. For its release, the country's 95th Republic Day Festival is held in Istanbul instead of the capital Ankara. In the presence of more than 50 leaders from 18 countries, President Typ Ardogan released it on Monday. However, international flights will begin on October 31. This airport, built on Black Sea, will manage 9 million passengers from two runways in the first phase. In 2023, its capacity will be 20 million passenger annually. It is spread over 19 thousand acres. With this, 250 airlines will fly over 350 destinations. In the first phase, Rs. 54 thousand crore While the cost is Rs 88 thousand crore Atlanta Hatsfield - America's busiest airport in terms of flights, passengers now - Jackson Airport is the busiest in the world Istanbul

Objectives - Making Istanbul a tourist hub:
 The purpose of making Istanbul the largest airport is to create a tourist hub and to accelerate economic growth. Turkey hopes that the operation of the airport will increase its economy by about 5%. Now 17 million passengers arrive in Turkey. Istanbul's involvement in this is 31%. There are 255 international flights operated here.

Atlanta Airport V/S Istanbul Airport (up to 2023) Flight Operations

Atlanta's Airport:-

  • In Atlanta Airport is the busiest in the world in flights operators. 
  • More than 100 million passengers arrive here annually. 
  • Apart from 9. 5 million flights are operated. 
  • There are an average of 1000 flights per day running from Atlanta Airport. 
  • There are five runways on this.
Istanbul Airport Turkey:-
  • This will be the world's largest area by 2023. 
  • 2000 flights will be operated. . 
  • Its passenger capacity will be 20 million. 
  • There will be six runways at this airport. 
  • Highest in the world . . There will be a parking arrangement of 70 thousand cars. 
  • The shopping complex will be built in 53 thousand square meters.

About Istanbul Turkey Airport's interior design And hightech features:-

Airport's air traffic control tower is made in tulip size. | Its interior | Has so far received two international awards.

  • Islamic artwork has been done in the interior of the airport. 
  • Here the Tulip-shaped Air Traffic Control Tower has won the International Architecture Award in 2016. 
  •  Facilities will be provided to passengers at the airport with the help of Mobile App and Artificial Intelligence. 
  • This facilitates early scanning of the luggage during check-in passenger. Online check-in will also be available. 
  • The magic mirror app will tell the passengers after wearing clothes, watch etc. during the shopping. 
  • 40 thousand LED people will be given the signal to reach the flight and get out of the airport. 
  •  The world's largest tax-free shopping complex at the airport. This complex will be made in 53 sections of the six sections. 
  • First from October 31. International flight will start from Turkey to northern Cyprus. 
  • About 35 thousand employees were involved in the project. There were also 3 thousand engineers. 37 people have died during construction.
Here is some features and information about the turkey Istanbul airport give your opinion on this article thank you for reading

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How to get great Deals in Online Shopping ! Tips for get best deals on online shopping

How to get great Deals in Online Shopping ! Tips for get best deals on online shopping

Many of people don't know about how to get best deals in online shopping and how to get best deals so this the article for you . I am giving you best advice and tips for getting best online deal and profitable deals follow these steps and definitely you will get best deals

Inconito Shopping:-
 Many websites offer dynamics based on location, browsing history and old shopping. This means that the site's old customer's And accordingly, prices will change. Discounts and rewards will be given to new customers only. There are some ways to overcome it. Incognito by opening the private window. Shopping or continuously bouncing your Can clear the history and cookies. New customers want to get discounted offers. So multiple email IDs or other family members can use phones.

Check shopping discounts and coupon sites:-
 You can install browser extensions for coupon codes. For a wide range of websites like CouponDunia, CouponzGuru, GreatBuyz, FreeCouponIndia, MyTokri, Oneindia products and services. Coupons offer. Apart from this, some apps like GrabOn, Nearbuy, BlueBook, DesiDime also offer good discounts and coupons.

Use Cashback Apps and Websites :-
| Apps like GoPaisa, Crow nit, Nearbuy, Tapz0, {MagicPin 2 can take you in work. They not only provide shopping facilities on online platforms, as well as coupons, decants and other offers. TopCashback, CashKaro, PaisaWapas, Cash2Kart, if you wish. Cacheback websites like Sitaphal can also check.

Compare Prices Check out sites that compare :-
Check prices on the Internet, and mobile apps such as MySmartprict, CornpareRaja, PriceDekho, BuvHatke, Smartprrix give you the ability to compare and get low price products.

Add Extensions :-
 Some browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox BuyHatke, ShopSmarrt,. AfterCoupon India, MakkhiChoOSe. These automate scan for discounts and coupon codes and apply them to e-commerce websites at checkout at the time of checkout. This means that different coupons do not have to be checked manually for discount coupons. Some sites also offer alerts about prices and prices.

Track the brands on social media:-
 and if you are in the works of work and the products are likes, then they can follow them on social media. They have a dedicated page on Facebook and Twitter. Here, these first places to be seen in the sales and discounts. For example, the airlines like Jet, Indigo and Expatrah Flash Sales and Discounts are on the social media. Sometimes there are dedicated deals pages on some sites. Apart from this, shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart are more discounts on their apps.

Use Mobile wallet - Credit Card:-
Most of the brands and debit cards give dine, booking and other services on the year 2008. Similarly, mobile wallats like Paytm, Payumoney, Mobikwik, Citrus, Icicipockets, SBI Buddy good discounts and other cashback offers.

"Left Shopping Cart:-
 you loading products in shopping cart during online shopping and then leave the site without pay. This can get rebates. Most websites are disturbed by such pending. sales They inspire shopping for offering on pending sells.

Thank you for reading my topic

How to get great Deals in Online Shopping ! Tips for get best deals on online shopping

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how to increase your wifi speed on pc ! Boost your WiFi speed

How To Increase Your Wifi Speed On Pc ! Boost Your WiFi Speed on Laptop

Hello friends many of people have a problem that their WiFi spped is slow and they have problems In surfing and downloading then follow these steps to overcome these type of problem

Change the place of the laptop:-

 First of all, do the job by changing the place of the laptop. Often the signal of Wi-Fi weakens due to some obstruction. And slow your browsing. Do not have walls, stairs etc. between router and laptop.

 Stop unwanted programs :-

It may also happen that your laptop is running programs that use a lot of bandwidth. Such as downloading files on a Dropbox or uploading Windows or auto updating of Windows You can turn them off. 

Restart laptops and router:-

 There is also an easy way to restart your laptop and router before using it. Rebooting them will automatically stop applications that use the highest bandwidth.

Update Driver Software:-

 It may be that your Wi-Fi works in Windows 7, but it will be slow in Windows 3 or Windows 10. Such a driver may be due to Paul. Diver to overcome it Update the software.

 Check the wireless card:-

 Many times the power saver mode of battery becomes enforced on the wireless card too. In such a situation, it can reduce your Wi-Fi speed. So check the card setting. 
So follow these simple steps then see the magic 
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How useful is your old android phone let's know

How useful is your old android phone let's know

Hello friends I have a good news for you can you imagine that how useful is your old android phone let's know about it . If you want to sell out your old android or want to keep in safe .you are totally wrong because your old phone is very useful after you buy a new phone know how 
So let's talk about 

I am listing some most usable things or idea how you can utilise your old Phone

Desktop Control :-

Android device can work as a wireless controller for desktop Computers. Connect both devices to the same network. To start the Roccat's Power GRID app. Work software for Windows PC will be able to control the desktop from the Android device. 

The Bitcoin Minor:-

 Bitcoin will have to complicate calculations from the device for mining. Therefore, use the powerful computer. In this work, you can earn bitcoin by calculating algorithms from the phone from free apps like Easy Miner and LTC Miner. 

Wireless Security Camera:-

 IP webcam for Android uses the phone camera to stream the live video video Live Live Feed can be seen in a web browser, streaming video player or any other smartphone / tablet.

Time Laps Camera :-

This is a great photo technology. It has completed the long time period in small sequence. It can see the time passed through fast. The sunset can create videos, which occur in a few seconds. You can see the path of the whole day in a few minutes.

Fabulous Media Player:-

 Many Phone HD Video Playback and HDMI Output are enabled. For this, MHL HDMI will be required by the cable and a media player like MX player. This can help see the display on TV display full-load resolution.

Phone Power Donation:-

Phone Power of distributed computing can contribute to research projects from the power of the Power of Distributed Computing. In this, the large amount of processing power is broken into small packets. If the phone is inactive and plugged in, then the data will be downloaded, calculations will be performed and will be sent back.

Bedside Music Player:-

 Take a 32 or 64 GB Micro SD Card. Copy your music collection to the card. You can also use the audio streaming app like Gaana or TuneIN Radio in the smartphone.

Wireless Media Streaming:-

Apps can be used to stream content from wireless media streaming DLN technology. Connect TV and smartphone to the same network. Use the app like PlayTo or Skifta to enable DLNA.

Helpful For vehicle:-

can convert the old smartphone from the free lysse speedometer app into a powerful car trip computer. You can record GPS data for travel. Speed, time-related information can be gathered.

Powerful Download Machine:-

 Install in effective download machine free app uTorrent phone. This allows you to download yantr and magnets files. There will be such features in uTorrent for Android, which will be in the desktop client.

Safe Toys:-

 Old Android phones can prove to be an educational tool for children. | Download apps such as Zoodles, 'Kidoz or Kid' s Shell for kids. Can decide in the phone. 'What the child can access.

Skype clients:-

 can use the old smartphone as a Skype client with a free Skype application. Set up Skype for it, connect to Wi-Fi and mount it in the room. There is no need for any kind of action in the phone. 

Digital Costume:-

Digital World features special T-shirts with peculiar face graphics. After installing a special app in the phone, the eyes are animated on the graphic due to the phone screen. You can also purchase T-Shirts online.
So plz give your opinion on this post 
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Virtual Reality Fun Apps 2018 ! Virtual Reality Android Fun apps 2018

             Virtual Reality Fun Apps 2018

<a href="https//">me</a>

Hello friends how are you today we talk about virtual reality fun apps where you can enjoy virtual reality in your life and you can have some fun like movie theatre wow sounds good and if you want to enjoy virtual reality in your phone then this is must you have to install these apps. so take a look for these applications and enjoy reading this article


 This app makes you feel like a closed room, where there is no single window. Are there. There are only a few options to help you in this. This is a great app that takes you to the horror world.


 smartphone camera, this app shows live surroundings of surroundings. After this you can put many kinds of built-in visual effects and you can see the all-round changes. 


This app is completely lost in virtual reality world. Spectacular visual And with this sound effect, this app offers virtual reality better.


This free app gives you a beautiful short video. , Which is loaded with superb virtual reality effects. Many other types of inside the app Videos are also present.


To enjoy the virtual reality you have to do this. Free app should definitely be used. By using it you will feel that you have come to a new world tour.

If you like to watch horror movies, you can experience horror movies from this app with virtual reality. Its results are fantastic. This is a new way to virtual reality. presents .

By using this app, you can view store wires on your device in cardboard headset. With the help of this app you will find. As you sit in a movie theater and die Seeing

This app provides 360-degree photoosphere images worldwide. It can also show you image preview in a better manner. Look at a particular image. For you Orb For a few seconds. Must have to look carefully.

 This app many of Google Offers demos and videos. It also supports video playback as well. It helps you to look at the photos taken by you in a relaxed way.

 This game can tell you how to play virtual reality games in the future. Kind of like. It's floating in space. There is 3D surroundings. There are kinds of planets around you. You have to fire beam on the meteors that come in your way.

Thanks for reading this post about virtual reality fun apps 2018

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How To Choose Right Online Learning Platform

How To Choose Right Online Learning Platform

There are many portals on web, but  what you choose, it matters a lot. To pursue a career, it is most important to know about new technologies over time. You can not do this for coaching classes at all times. Then you have the best option - Online learning platforms.

Why we choose online learning platform:-

Saves time and effort
If you want to learn technical programming language on the online learning platform, then go to the platforms where practical can be seen with theoretical knowledge and you can also practice there. Nowadays such There are many training courses for technical training that make this facility available. Anywhere, anywhere, you can see without any software installation, by practicing online and solving your problem there too. It saves you time and effort.

Ask Questions :-

are also Discussion Forums on online learning platforms. Whenever there is a dilemma, you can post your questions there. Other members present there are active for help. These platforms offer both free and paid support.

Faculty is experienced :-

Students should not be linked to portals whose faculty neither has a subject expert, nor students' toppers. While selecting the portal, please take a look at the experience of extensions and faculty delivering content to that portal.

Type of course:-

If you are giving Examination for Higher Studies for the second time, then choose a platform where you do not need to read the whole process again, ie choose a platform where your subjects or topics section is explained. If you are a fresher, then select the platform where its basics are also available with the subject.

Choose your Time limit:-

The time limit for the deadline for job seekers, colleges and school students was different. is . Choose the portal to keep your time limit in mind so that time is not wasted. Working professionals can choose courses and video learning courses that can be done on time.

Personalized Doubt Solving :-

Promotes Personalized Doubt Solving to attract online learning platforms to students. To know the truth, you can talk to current and former students about this. Be sure to facilitate Personalized Doubt Solving.
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Important Fact About Mobile Battery ! Important News About Your Mobile Battery

Important Fact About Mobile Battery ! Important News About Your Mobile Battery By pexel Hello friends we know that...