How To Give Direction to Your Career Using Social Media, Direct Your Career Using Social Media, How To Grow Career Using Social Media

 How To Give Direction to Your Career Using Social Media, Direct Your Career Using Social Media, How To Grow Career Using Social Media

At present, social media is also a career.  Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are playing an important role in the process of job searching.  Not only this, HR managers in corporate companies are now checking the candidate's social media account even before the screening and interview.  Only after this the candidate is being made a part of the job.  In such a situation, social media is playing an important role in getting the job of the candidate.  According to one figure, 61% of HR managers look at the social media profiles of candidates before recruitment.  Know, social media profiles and career connections in the present era ....

Role of social media in job process:-

Experts say that most people think that social media does not play an important role in the job process, while it is not so, what is the profile of the candidate, what type of post he shares on his wall and what kind of content he writes.  .  An HR manager looks after such things closely.  Experts say that sharing negative and making fun of others posts on their social media accounts can increase the difficulty for the candidates.  So keep in mind that avoid sharing such posts.  

Points To Be Noted:-

A perfect profile is the first choice of an HR manager.  The HR manager's eyes are mostly on the account of the candidate made on three types of social media platforms.  First, Facebook.  Second, Twitter and thirdly LinkedIn, all three types of information are not given on all three platforms.  So first understand where to give how much information.

  • While posting anything on social media, see what and what kind of content you are putting. Most of the deceptive content is viral on social media.  This content is shared so much that the candidates blindly believe in it. 
  •  Doing so should be avoided.  Avoid sharing such content on social media, which becomes a joke for you. 
  •  Avoid sharing negative or demoralizing images and content on social media platforms. 
  • In this way, you can also use social media to increase the career graph. Along with this, you can also find new job opportunities here.  
  • Be alert on Twitter too:- The third most important platform is Twitter.  This micro blogging platform is mostly used by the candidates to share their ideas, so HR managers keep an eye on it as well.  Always keep in mind that you do not use abusive or objectionable words for anyone while talking about you.
Focus On This Research :-

  • 61% of HR managers make decisions based on the candidate's social media profile.  
  • There are 5.5 crore companies listed on the job searching platform LinkedIn.  
  • 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn.
Use Linkedln :-
The salaried candidate must be active on LinkedIn.  Candidates can directly contact to HR Manager from here and send CV.  This is the platform most used by HR managers to get information about the candidate, so the skills, experience and academic information related to the candidate on the LinkedIn profile should be correct.  There should not be any confusion in this.

Need To Know About Linkedln :-
If you have a profile on LinkedIn, then there are some things you must know.  For example, never put half-baked information on your LinkedIn profile.  Complete the profile.  LinkedIn also helps to do this.  Whenever you create an account on LinkedIn, it tells you how incomplete your profile is.  An incomplete information can take you away from a good job.

Use Facebook :-
This is important in Facebook profile: 
After LinkedIn, Facebook is considered to be an important platform in terms of career.  In corporate companies, HR managers take decisions by looking at the Facebook profiles of candidates, so your profile must have basic information.  Like in which firm do you work and what position are you in.  Apart from this, what kind of activity you take part in or what kind of content you share on Facebook, it is also seen.

 Job search and groups in Facebook will help: Facebook can also prove to be an important tool in getting a job.  Finding jobs has also become easier with the help of job search features and jobs groups in Facebook.  There are offers for freelance jobs including many companies in Johns Groups.  Candidates can choose them according to their convenience and need.  In this way, Facebook can prove to be beneficial in many ways in terms of career for the candidates.

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