Make money from spitball 2.0 ! Make money while helping other with their homework

Make money from spitball 2.0 ! Make money while helping other with their homework

Hello friends how are you today I am here with a great idea to make money online with no hard effort. We know that making money online is not easy at this time we have to make lots of effort .and we have to spend more time for less money and in last we get nothing in our hand .today I am telling about a new money making method in easy way 
I have researched on this site and many people get paid from this site and they get payout through amazon gift card. Sounds great na 
So friends I am taking about spitball 2.0 herr you can make money easily from your source of knowledge.

So let's talk about spitball 2.0

What is spitball 2.0 :-

Spitball is the website or company is drived from New York
 Spitball offers students a quick and simple way to Ask and Answer tricky homework questions. Spitball incentivizes knowledgeable students to support one another for profit, bringing students from all over the world together to help each other succeed in school. Ask Your Question OR answer someone else’s. If you are a ask questions then you have to pay to spitball and if you want to give your answer then you get paid it's simple method to earn money here.

How you get paid from spitball:-

If you want to cashout your reward Frist of all you have to check you are eligible for cashout. Then check your cashout reward criteria and select cashout and you get Amazons gift card on your entered mail id with in 24 hours . So easy stuff 

How spitball work:-

Spitball acts as an mediator of academic content and a marketplace for students to come here  and exchange information, so this is the best marketplace to exchange ideas and make money from here without cost .

What is sbl points:-

Sbl points like a reward for giving answer of a question or if you want to ask a question then you have pay sbl points.
Sbl points are redeemable into Amazon gift card so you have to collect them after a criteria you get paid .
And 100 SBL= 1$ 
You can redeem 1000 SBL= 10$ Amazon gift card minimum
And you get 100SBL points as gift for ask questions of spitball

So friends keep exchanging your knowledge and make money easily
Here is the joining link Click here to join
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