The Role of an EPR Consultant in Saving the Environment

The Role of an EPR Consultant in Saving the Environment

An EPR consultant abides by rules and regulations framed by the authorities for protection of environment. The organization is also dedicated to offer high quality services to individuals and organizations.

Services of an EPR Consultant

The list of services offered by consultant includes the following:
- All registration work of EPR Authorization
- Permission of import for numerous types of scrap under restricted classification                 
- WPC (ETA & Import License & Temporary Frequency allocation)
- BIS Registration for all kinds of Electronic and Information Technology goods.
- Import & export permission for certain items/products listed under restricted category

A Brief about EPR

Waste is inescapable. It is a consistent process and may never cease to exist. As population increases, waste production also increases. These wastes are generated from diverse places such as industries, offices, homes, etc.
Proper management and disposal of waste is important for a safer environment. These days, a number of disposal methods have cropped up. However, improper disposal of wastes may lead to serious hazard for the environment. This may come in the form of water and air pollution.
EPR is an initiative for effective dealing of waste to protect the environment.

‘Extended Producer Responsibility’ – What is it?

The term was initially coined during the early 1990s. Primary aim of introducing this term was to supply incentives to manufacturers for designing environmental friendly products. It will encourage manufacturers create more number of functional and recyclable products.
EPR is primarily a strategy aimed at the welfare of environment. It works as a program that aims at reducing waste generation to a significant amount and ensures a safer environment to live in.

Understanding the Role of EPR

EPR is responsible for saving the environment from serious damage produced by huge amounts of waste generation. As per the EPR, producers are accountable for manufacturing products that may be of value and are biodegradable (recyclable) in future. This is a dedicated attempt to reduce waste generation and fix issues related to disposal. The process is very helpful in the production of reliable products, healthier for humans and safer for environment.
As per the Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) can be defined as a strategy for protection of environment. Manufacturers are held responsible for extending the life of products manufactured by them.

Registration of EPR

The process is not difficult especially if you reach out to an experienced and reputed EPR consultant. Registration of EPR is done under CPCB. The process facilitates appropriate channelization of e-waste to reduce its impact on the environment.
It is crucial that e-waste gets collected, warehoused, dismantled and reprocessed in an eco-friendly manner.

Validity of EPR

The EPR is valid for the following:
- All importers of electronics
- All manufacturers of electronics
- All producers of electronics

The Legal Responsibility

Independent Accomplishment of Targets -

 The responsibility of collecting and recycling of e-waste is assigned to producers of products. CPCB has allotted this liability and made it mandatory for producer of products to accomplish the responsibility independently.

Authorized PRO - 

The producers are allowed to hire a PRO (Producer’s Responsibility Organization) to accomplish their duties. Here, the appointed PRO should be authorized under CPCB.

Quarterly Submission of Data -

 Product producer (manufacturer/importer) is obliged to submit data for previous import/sales. According to this data, CPCB is responsible for assigning all targets. In addition, producers are required to submit data for import/sales on a quarterly basis immediately after the issuance of EPR.

Seminars for Public Awareness - 

The producer is responsible for organizing at least two seminars every year. This is important for spreading awareness in general public related to dangers of e-waste and allotment of appropriate techniques to channelize and dispose e-waste in an eco-friendly manner.
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