OTG Cable uses ! OTG uses ! what is the use of usb otg cable !use of otg cable for mobile ! use of otg cable in mobile ! what is the use of otg cable ! 10 uses of otg cable

OTG Cable uses ! OTG uses ! what is the use of usb otg cable !use of otg cable for mobile ! use of otg cable in mobile ! what is the use of otg cable ! 10 uses of otg cable 

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Many of people don't know about otg and what is the use of otg cable and now a days OTG cable is become a part of our life we can not ignore this portion  let's talk about the real life of OTG cable

1. Make data sharing easy:-

Apps such as Share it and Gender made it easy to transmit wireless access between smart devices. But what if you want to copy the data in large quantities? Smartphone using USB Flash EVE, Portable High AV or MicroSD card using OOG Adapter Can connect.

2. Take Printout Without Computer :-

You print something in the phone store. To take OTG can be used. Connect the smartphone and USB OTG adapter to the USB Cable with the printer. Select the print command from the option menu and most of the new printers start appearing on the phone.
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3.Make Mini Desktop to Mobile:-

Connect the wired keyboard mouse to the smartphone for navigation and input from USB OTG Adapter. Android automatically detects the connected keyboard and does not even need to install a third-party driver. Just connect and type directly in any app.

4. Is Your Mobile Phone Support OTG :-

There are several ways to check the OTG support in the phone. Companies also do this on their website, while some mobile phone settings have the option to enable OTG to be disabled. It's a simple way to get help from free apps like USB OTG Checker and USB OTIS Tester. You can also use the CPU-X of the Pacific Developers. It shows detailed Android device information.

5.Enjoy Fans & Light:-

Now USB OTG Ready LED lights and fuses have come. These micro USB devices connect with the phone. For this, you take the USB OTG adapter into work.

6. Now Get Control On DSLR:-

Now Wi-Fi has been added for remote control and wireless transfers in DSLR. Connect the camera to the smartphone with USB OTG adapter and data transfer cable. Install the DSLR Control app from the Play Store. This allows Nikon or Canon to control the DSLR shutter.
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7. Make Batter Your Games:-

Playing games from the touchscreen is not just about everyone. This happens especially in third-party action or racing games. Wired game controllers can connect to the smartphone from OTG. And enjoy gaming. For games that support, the controller needs one-time configurations.

8. Real Thermal Imaging:-

FLIR, the manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras, has built a USB OTG FLIR camera for Android smartphones. After turning on the 29 gram accessory, download the flir app and get a contactless thermal camera. It has its own battery. Therefore, it does not have power conjugation from connected device. Like the Smartphone (Below is FLAIR) Smartphone (Cat 60), it uses MSX technology. You can also see the templates with details.

9. Increase Battery Capacity:-

There are many Android smartphones coming in the market, of which 4000 to 5000 mAh battery are available. It also supports reverse charging. You need to check your mobile phone model for this. On these types of smartphones you can connect the other smartphone to the charging cable with the help of OTG. In this way you can first use the smartphone as a portable power bank. If the power of your fitness bend is over, you can charge it the same way. This method is quite useful.

10. Need Of Fast Speed Internet :-

Internet connectivity is mainly used for connectivity on the desktop. If Wi-Fi is not available or needs a fast speed, then you can also use it on your smartphone. It requires two things - a USB OTG adapter and a USB to Ethernet adapter. Connect both the adapter together and plug in the ethernet cable plugin. Make sure the Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G data switch remain so that the phone can switch over the wired connection.

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