TypeScript and JavaScript: When to choose what

TypeScript and JavaScript: When to choose what

JavaScript is developed as a language for the client side, but the development of node.js has made JavaScript a server-side technology too. As JavaScript broadened, it got difficult to maintain and reuse the code and also failed in type checking and compile time error checking, this reduced the success of JavaScript as a server-side technology. To overcome this disadvantage, Andres Hejlsberg, the designer of C#, at Microsoft developed TypeScript.

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TypeScript is a statically compiled language to write simple and clear JavaScript code. TypeScript can run on node.js or any browser that supports ECMA script3.  TypeScript is both a language and set of tools. Besides, it is JavaScript with some additional features. Static typing, classes, and interface are optional in TypeScript. TypeScript easily deploys a regular JavaScript application with more robust software.
•    TypeScript supports JS libraries and API documentation
•    TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and is an optionally typed scripting language.
•    TypeScript code is easily converted to a plain JavaScript code.
•    It has good code structuring and object-oriented techniques compared to JavaScript.

Components of TypeScript

There are three components of TypeScript:
•    Language: Syntax, keywords and type annotations come under language components.
•    Compiler: The TypeScript compiler (TSC) converts the instructions written in TypeScript to its equivalent JavaScript.
•    Language service: It is an additional layer around the core compiler which is an editor – like application.  The language service supports statement completions, signature help, code formatting and outlining, colorization, etc.

Features of TypeScript

TypeScript offers the following features:
•    Maintainability
•    Productivity for coders
•    Bug prevention
•    Code discoverability and refactoring
•    Static typing
•    Extra features for functions.
•    Supports ES6
•    Supports interfaces, classes, subclasses.
•    HTML5 client-side development.
•    IDE with auto-completion.
•    Class-based object-oriented functionality with an inheritance of private members and interfaces.


JavaScript, abbreviated as JS, is a high level, interpreted, lightweight dynamic computer programming language. JS is object-oriented and has curly – brackets, dynamic typing, prototype base, and first-class functions. JavaScript can update and change HTML and CSS, can also calculate, manipulate and validate data. JS is most commonly used as a part of web pages, allowing the client side script to interact with dynamic pages. JavaScript is a scripting language which helps to create interactive web pages.
It runs on the user’s web browser without the need of any resources from the web server. JavaScript can also be used with other technologies like REST API’s, XML, etc. JavaScript is not designed for large complex applications.
Besides these, JavaScript has the following features:
•    JS is an open source
•    Designed for small scripts
•    Supports classes, interfaces, and modules.
•    Compiled JavaScript runs on any web browser.
•    It also allows cross compilation.

JavaScript development tools

There are various JavaScript editing tools provided by various vendors like:
•    Microsoft front page: A popular HTML editor called front page was developed by Microsoft.
•    Macro media Dream weaver MX: A very popular HTML and JavaScript editor in the professional web development market is called macro media dream weaver MX.
•    Macro media home site 5: A well-known HTML and JavaScript editor is Home script 5 developed by Macro media.

Features of JavaScript

JavaScript offers the following features:
•    It is a cross-platform language.
•    JS is used for client side and server side.
•    JS is easy to learn and beginner friendly.
•    It is a flexible and powerful dynamic language.
•    It has a strong testing workflow.
•    It has added dependencies.
•    Its framework is unsupported.

Comparison between TypeScript and JavaScript

•    An experienced developer working on small coding projects can prefer JavaScript but for a knowledgeable, expertise development team, Type scripting is preferred.
•    TypeScript is a tool to develop large coding projects.  TypeScript checks the types of the variable at the compile time and JavaScript checks the same at the runtime, hence type script takes a lot of time than JS and even money spent on testing is high in the case of TypeScript but not in JavaScript.
•    TypeScript is a language for application-scale JavaScript. TypeScript adds optional types, classes, and modules to JavaScript.
•    TypeScript supports tools for large scale JavaScript applications for any browser, for any host and on any operating system.
•    But, TypeScript takes more time to compile the code than JavaScript and even TypeScript does not support any abstract classes and still is popular over JavaScript and is trending.
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