How to make your web browser better ! Best browser extension and plugins for great user experience ! Top extension and plugins for browsers

Best browser extension and plugins for great user experience


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 It gives you the ability to capture the selected area on the webpage. You can use this to read later. If you wish, you can upload save content directly to Google Docs. It also supports all types of content like - images and links. It can save the tampered content without formatting. This gives you the freedom to find the content later.

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2.Split skin: 

This gives your Chrome browser two pens. This allows you to see two separate webpages side by side - in the same window. This is especially useful at the time when you want to compare the search results of different websites without tabs. With this you can easily read two web pages simultaneously.


By default, you can only reopen the last closed tab in a browser. With the help of Trans Kane, you can restore any closed tabs in Chrome. It shows a list of all tabs closed during a click in browsing session. In this way you do not have any tension that no tab has been closed by mistake.


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1.Copy Plain Text :

Sometimes you need to copy the text from the website to your reference, then copy-paste the text. But sometimes it also copies the HTML code used in the site. To prevent this, use 'Copy Plain Text'. Without copying the code, only the text is copied.

2.Download Status Bar :

When you start a download in Firefox, a download window pops up every time. But it bothers. With the help of this plug-in, all the downloads appear with their progress bar at the status bar below. This gives download speed and other information.


'Downthemall' is a download manager, which helps to download many things from fun. If you want to download many things from a single page, then it is a work item. It has features like 'File Queue' download speed limit and 'download all the link'.

4.NoScript :

Issues are often associated with browsing the internet. If you have downsized 'NoScript, you can set filters for secure browsing. It gives the option to run scripts on the PC for websites or to show pop-up windows with links.


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1.Easy Sticky Note: 

This plug-in can create sticky notes inside the browser window. It can save individual notes from different websites. When these notes are saved on your PC's local hard disk

2.To read sites: 

This add-on can also create lists of all the necessary links in opera and see them later.


You can block all unwanted advertisements from this. Also block unwanted scripts and special elements. You can also download pre-paid subscription lists.

4.Internet Explorer

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1.Mouse Gesterus: 

It is very easy and fun ed - On. With this help you can set up different commands for different types of browsers, new tabs' etc. It contains an editor, which can help you make your own gross recipients. It can increase the product.

2.Curo Toolbar: 

This toolbar for Internet Explorer not only helps to search and visit websites, but also works like a pop-up blocker. It replaces the address bar and gives the option to hide many features such as compact button layout and flush content. This makes your web search quite easy.


Now you're typing. So this plug-in scans your spelling mistakes. It also works on blogs and social networking websites and also gives the ability to add words to your database in custom dictionary. It also provides permission to check definitions. With this help, you can present your point in a perfect way.


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1.Ultimate status bar: 

This plug-in standard makes Safari Browser very useful. It can display any short URL as the entire URL.

2.Safari OmniBar:

 Omni Bar offers Safari with the help of the address bar and the search box together in a single bar (like Google Chrome). Google can search by typing in the default address bar.

3.Pitch helmate: 

When people surf the internet, they often see advertisements and other useless content. Pitch helmate block them. You can create rules for specific content and specific links in the website.
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