Make money online on yesmobo ! Share ads on whatsapp and make money online

        Make money online on yesmobo

Friends have come today with a very good and very good way to earn money by running WhatsApp, and this is an easy and right way. You will not have to work hard. All you have to do is share the ads on the Whatsapp Groups. So you know about this best way of make money online

What is yesmobo:-

Yesmobo is an advertising agency that takes advertisements and shares these advertisements via Whatsapp. and you have to share these ads in the Whatsapp group and you get the money when someone clicks on these ads and this one Is an Indian company

What we need to join yesmobo :-

1. A working smartphone . 
2. Working internet connection . Every one have a working internet connection if they have smartphone
3.whatsapp application
4. You have to download yesmobo app on your smartphone
5.You are over 18 years old or 18 years old

How to get this app and register on yesmobo :-

1. Go to google play using this link- "Download ".
2. Click on " install "
3. After installing app click on "accept and continue"
4. You have to enter email and mobile number
5. Then tap on login
6. Then crosscheck your mobile number and click on "yes "
7. After clicking on yes you will get a OTP for your mobile number verification.
8. After verification you have to fill short form for details 
1. Your name 
2. Mobile number already added
3. Email id already added
4. Your gender
5 your date of birth
Click on save details . And here is your account is ready for make money online .

How It works :- 

1. Click on "ALL ADS"

2. Click on "SELECT AD"

3. Click Share On 

4. Now Share this link on whatsapp or facebook 

You get .25 ₹ to 1 ₹ for each click and your earning will shown your dashboard 

You can also earn money from referral program you will get 1 ₹ for every two people referred by you

What is the payment methods :- 

Your earnings will be transferred directly to your bank account or you can transfer the payment to your paytm wallet as well. Your payment is transferred to your wallet or bank account on the 10th of every month.

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