Special apps for offline reading ! 6 best offline news reading apps ! 6 special apps for offline news reading

              Special apps for offline reading

If you need to read the necessary article on the Internet. If there is no time or connectivity problem, then you can save online content with the help of some apps and read offline.

Early Edition 2 :-

You may be surprised to see its high price (Rs. 260), but when you look at the output from it on your iPad, it will feel that it is the best of all the other apps. This app takes news from different sources and presents them in a usappaper format. In it, you can also choose the subjects you want to follow. You are online, they download the news of the choice of the likes according to the headlines.

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Press Reader :-

The special thing of this app is that almost all of the platforms work on the platform. You can run it easily on Android, Windows, Blackberry and iOS. This app enables you to reach more than 2000 newspayers in exchange for subscription fees. You can download the full newspaper if you wish. You can read more on time.

Readlistes :-

How good would be if the articles you want to read are converted to a book and you can get it on a Kindle, iPad or any handset anytime. Yes, the readlists do the same thing. Cut - paste the URL of the articles you want in the e-book form, and the e-book will be readily available. You can put it in any device.

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LongForm :-

If you are looking for such an app, by choosing the news of your means and downloading it to your device, then you have the longform is best, it chooses the most important news and offers them in a clean format. There is no tension of advertisements either.

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Pocket :-

The name of this app was 'Read It Later'. You can easily read the articles and save it later. Like Instapaper, it also stores content without ads and flashing banners. All you have to do is choose what you want to read. After this the app will keep the content ready for reading. There is not much tension in Internet connectivity.


This app is great for those people who like bookmarking the book but do not return to those pages. This allows you to read web pages later. There are no advertisements and flushing banners that often bother during online readings. It's not free. If you get annoyed with a lot of bookmarks. If you have already done so, then this app can present your reading content right in front of you. This app is very useful for online readers.

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