what are the features of ios 12 ! what is the new features in ios 12 ! Latest features of ios 12

what are the features of ios 12 ! what is the new features in ios 12 ! Latest features of ios 12

By pexel

There is hard compitition in mobile phone maker companies so they have to keel updated their function and they have to give many improvement and development for attract to the consumers and win their hearts 
There are many such utility features available in ios 12. Which is your everyday Will make life easier. 
So lets talk about the latest features and updates of ios 12

Screen Time:-

IOS We all need Digital Detox 9. This is the ID behind the screen time. In this you can find out how much your daily screen time is, what kind of apps are you looking at? You can also set a time limit for yourself. Social networking can be a good place to start. All become a group of similar apps and you limit yourself. You can decide if you touch the daily limit then the app icon gets grayed out and you start seeing a small eyewash. You can also enable downtime. It is scheduled time to go away from the phone. During downtime, you can pick up phone calls only.


The idea behind the shortcuts was to save time and make everyday work automatic. This concept is similar to the third party app IFTTT app, the only difference is that it works with Siri. Once the shortcuts are made, the ends can even execute them. For example, to activate 'Do not disturb mode', you can tell Siri that you are going to the meeting. You can also add shortcuts widgets for faster access. Soon you will be able to add support for the apps developers for shortcuts.

Measurements are easy :-

Now you do not need to tap the tap to measure something. You can do this work from the iPhone Measure app gives a view from the iPhone camera, you can set up points and measure the distance between them. Waypoints are easily locked on the edges. As you start following the directives, you feel that it does the exact job.

Easy Notification:-

Instead of looking at the long list of notifications from different apps, iOS 12 makes them all group together. They can press to expand or dismiss all notifications from one app in one tap. If you swipe left on a notification, you can choose whether such notifications will be delivered or completely closed. You can control the settings in the settings and control what types of notifications each app can present.


IOS 12 is now available for devices that were launched (iPhone 5S) by 2013. It is available for iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6S / 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7/7 Plus and new phones like iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X X / R / Xs / SS Max. This version is available for iPad Mini 2/4, Air / Air 2 and all new iPads in iPads. Due to its wide range of competitiveness, more users can take advantage of it.

Sleeping time function:-

If you are an iPhone user then you will be familiar with 'Do Not Disturb Mode'. You can also change some other things in iOS 12. For this, go to Do Not Disturb in Settings and turn the Scheduled Switch toggle on. After this you can set your sleep and wake time and turn on bed time toggle. Night time will be turned on when the lock screen notifications are not available. The screen will dim and the phone will not ring or notify you. If you sleep by placing your phone on the edge of the bed, it will prevent the phone from wake up with night brightness. In this way you can sleep without any problems. This feature can prove to be very useful for the people in the current round.

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