Know About DSLR ! Know about DSLR Camera ! What to Know about DSLR ! complete knowledge of DSLR!

Know About DSLR ! Know about DSLR Camera ! What to Know about DSLR

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 Entry Level V / S Pro DSLR:-

If you are looking for DSLR, you should know that its price starts from Rs. 25 thousand and can reach lakhs. From outside, the cameras will not see any difference, but the difference from their performance can be clearly understood.

Penta Prism vs Penta Mirror:-

These two objects take light from the lenses and divert it to the viewfinder. At entry level, DSLR has a penta mirror, from mid to high level DSLR, there is a penta prism. Penty Mirror is a set of plastic or glass mirror. It is light weight, but low brightness level gives poor image quality. Painta Prism is a single piece of glass, which gives good image quality and more brightness. If you are starting, you can take entry level DASLR with Panta Mirror.

Autofocus Points:-

The number of autofocus is fixed in DSLR. Autofocus is better and more precise if autofocus points are higher. The entry level level DSL has 9 to 11 focus points. Mid range DSLR has 45 to 51 focus points, whereas Pro level SLR There are more than 100 autofocus choices. The prow dosal can fix the ability to focus on the menus focal function.

Sensor Size:-

There are two sensor sizes for DSLR: APS-C and full frame. APS-C sensors are small and from entry level to mid-raj DSLR. Full Fem sensor takes place in high-end cameras because the sensor is similar to the flower frame on 35mm film. It is better to capture more light when the sensor is bigger.

Build Quality:-

Although most DSLRs are similar to those with their black finish, dials and buttons, but when you take entry level and pro DSLR in hand, then you feel comfortable separately. Proven level with DSLR metal body Heavy and strong, while the entry level DSLR mixes plastic and metal.

Image Process:-

When you take photos, image processors do many things like noise reduction, image sharpening, color radison etc. Pro Level DSLR has more powerful image processors compared to entry level DSLR or with memory buffer. Pro level DSLR can rapidly focus and shoot and save photos fast in the card.

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Understand DSLR Lenses:-

A DSLR is as good as it has a lens. If you are working properly, the results of entry-level DSLR can also be spectacular. But users use DSLR which have 18 - 55 mm lenses.

Wide Angle Lens:-

Wide Angle Lenses is proven ideal for landscape and architecture shooting. These are like prime lenses in the case of the values image quality, but starts by 24mm, the variable focal length . The wide angle is curved effect towards the edges in the images due to being landed. In some case it is desirable. It is a bit. It can be a great photography with them.

Zoom Lens:-

Zoom lenses are the best for those who like to travel and want to shoot away objects. You get variable aprachure in zoom lens. The more you zoom, the aprachure will be small. A zoom lens consists of several elements. Therefore, they are heavy and there is a possibility of loss of image quality compared to standard or prime lenses. With zoom equip you can take pictures of objects sitting away.

Prime lens:-

Prime lenses have fixed focal length (50mm, 85mm etc.) and have higher aprachure value (F1.8, F1.4 etc.). These lenses are ideal for shooting portraits or product images. By these you can get the Sharpe Details to the subject by blurring the background.

Modification of Software:-

DSLR is still available on software on computer or phone. Every brand offers its software. Although the Over-all Control Scheme is similar, but the user interface for each brand is different. You can change the SRLR software to run the customs interface, so that you can get more control over hidden features and hardware.

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