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How to recover data from dropped hard drive?

 The moment you drop your hard drive, an unquestionable panic seems to overpower your senses. Data stored in hard drives are susceptible to loss, in case you happen to drop the device. In these cases, the best option for you to is to seek hard drive recovery service from established professionals. These storage devices often contain valuable data, that you cannot afford to lose. It is advisable to reach out to reputed data recovery service providers like Stellar, where the experts can work on the device and get things back into place.
Hard drives and electronic gadgets can suffer drops and bumps. In case this happens to your hard drive, you may lose the data. You might hear clicking noises from the device, or simply notice that the system has blanked off. The professional data recovery service providers have been assisting their clients in recovering data from hard drives and other digital storage devices, whether they are formatted, damaged or corrupted.

What to do if drop your hard drive:-

If you drop your laptop or computer, make sure not to tamper with the hard drive, it may lead to a loss beyond recovery. It is essential to consult a - hard drive recovery expert. In case you have dropped it,

 here are a few guidelines for you:

  • Do not try to repair it yourself by opening the screws of the hard drive
  • Safely remove it from the desktop or laptop
  • Get across to the data recovery experts in India and they will work on it

The specialists know how to fix a dead hard drive, when it has been dropped. They operate on the device in a controlled environment, in the Class 100 clean room lab and recover the data. Data Recovery Service providers like Stellar have been professionally recovering lost information from dropped and dead hard drives over the years.
When you drop your laptop, the hard drive may suffer damages. For instance, the internal circuitry like platters and heads may get damaged. Scratches in platters may also lead to physical loss of data. In these cases, this is termed as a ‘dead hard drive’. A dead hard drive does not return the access calls. The hard drive comes to a halt after making some grinding sounds. It indicates that the data stored in the drive will not be available for further reading. In order to avoid a complete loss of data, you should stop using the drive immediately. Get across to the experts dealing with data recovery from physically damaged hard drive in India and they will help you out.
Signs of a malfunctioning hard drive
 You may encounter any of the following situations, in case the hard drive gets damaged.

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Blue screen on your computer or laptop:-

 If the hard drive gets damaged, you will find that the PC is crashing frequently, you will notice a blue screen. This is termed BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). In these situations, you should back up the data if the PC is able to read it. Try not to operate anything on it on your own and reach out to the experts.

Error messages:-

In case the hard drive suffers a damage, you are likely to see error messages. Often, it is necessary to run a SMART test to check the condition of the drive. Manually, you can right click on the drive and choose ‘Properties’. Next, you need to click on ‘Check’ from the ‘Tools’ option. In the process, the PC might show signs of warning, particularly if the damage has occurred. It is highly recommended to seek a professional assistance from the hard drive recovery experts if you find these warning signs on your PC.

Sudden loss of data:-

A damaged hard drive may result in a sudden loss of data. You might notice that a particular file has vanished, or your folders are empty. On running the SMART desk check, you will get the statistics related to the data. For any individual or business, loss of data can lead to several difficulties. Visit the website of a reputed data recovery service provider like Stellar. Explore their wide range of services for data recovery and you can get the lost information restored.

 Clicking noises:-

When hard drives are in good health, they generally operate silently. However, you may hear grinding or clicking noises after dropping the device. To prevent loss of data, back them up before reaching out to the experts. Noisy hard drives may soon lead to crashes.

 Slow processing:-

 If the hard drive gets damaged, it will tend to slow things up. You might suddenly notice that your computer is running slow. Well, this is a sign of warning, and you need to take care of the device. Get across to the professional service providers to prevent complete data loss.

Today, both business houses and individuals collaborate with reputed service providers for technical assistance. Data being sensitive, calls for a professional handling for seamless recovery. If you want to recover data from dead hard drive, reach out to one of these established companies, like Stellar. This will save you from the disasters associated with the loss of business or personal data.
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Across the globe, business firms are increasingly using the hard drives of various capacities to store data externally. However, the data stored in the drives may be lost, simply like other electronic devices. Expert service providers like Stellar Data Recovery can help you retrieve the data. As a global leader, they have been collaborating with various companies with their in-lab data sanitization and data recovery services. Their team consists of more than 100 R&D experts, forming the largest data recovery software portfolio around the world. Partnering with Stellar, you need not worry about data loss. Besides, the 100% success rate and 'no recovery, no charge' policy strategy of Stellar is another reason behind their success. As an ISO SO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company in India, Stellar has come a long way down for the last 25 years, serving a huge global clientele of more than 3 million. In case you need their services, you can get across to the experts by visiting the official website or dialling the toll-free number, 1800-102-3232.
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