How to keep facebook account safe ! Keep your facebook account safe & secure ! How to safe your account from attackers

How to keep facebook account safe ! Keep your facebook account safe & secure ! How to safe your account from attackers

By pexel

There is a lot of debate about Facebook's data security across the world. If you want some privacy features on Facebook. Enabling this platform can make this platform even more secure. Know about it

1. Protect your profile picture:-

Profile Picture is used as a primary tool for identification on social media. The problem is that anyone can create false Facebook accounts with the help of a real profile picture and name. Facebook has added a feature 'Profile Picture Guard' to prevent this from happening. Open the Facebook profile and click on the existing profile picture. Keep in mind that do not click on the 'Update Profile Picture' when the profile picture is opened. Click on the options below and select 'Turn on profile picture guard'. This will reveal Blue Shield on your picture and no person will be able to share or download it.

2. Make authenticator to your friend:-

If you feel the inability to recognize Facebook or junking, it locks your account and you can not access it. The process of retrieving your account is long and complex, but now Facebook allows you to choose five trusted friends. With this help, you can recover your account. For this, you have to go to "Security and login" in Settings. Select friends to contact and choose at least three friends from their friend list. If your account is locked, these friends can send you the verification code and you can recover your account after the authentication. Getting back to your account with friends is very easy.

3. Know what device you use:-

Go to Security and Login in Settings. Facebook will show you a section "Where You Are Logged In" This section lists all the devices (laptops, phones, tablets, etc.) on which you have logged into your Facebook account. If you do not recognize any device.
If you do not find or access it, you can remove it. If you are unsure of the status of some devices, then you can use the "Log Out of All Sessions" option and login for free. This will ensure that no other person is accessing your Facebook account.

4. Check your all details:-

When you open your Facebook account settings, you will see a new menu item "Your Facebook Information" in the left. With this help, Facebook has facilitated access to all your information on a single page. Here you can see the different categories of information related to you (post photos, comments, likes etc.) and download the desired content. You can view and manage your activity log from this page. Here you can decide which activities you will see on your friends' timeline. In this way, you can manage your privacy properly.

5. Control your third-party log in:-

Most websites and apps give you the option of logging into a new account from the beginning instead of logging in from the Facebook account. Though things make things easier, when we stop using these apps and websites, these third-party apps and websites forget to revoke Facebook access provided. For this, you can go to apps and websites in Facebook Settings. Here you will see a list of apps and websites that you accessed with the help of your Facebook account. You can remove it by selecting the app from the list. Along with this, you can also delete posts that have already published a special app or website on your phone. This provides protection from third-party apps and websites.

6. Manage your Facebook data:-

You also get a shortcut to 'Manage Your Data' on the Facebook Information page. When you access this feature, you have to choose to manage the data on Facebook Instagram. Where do you get your Facebook control for Facebook And how much work it can take. You can manage your location data. With this, you can control the uploaded content on Facebook. You can also control the face recognition settings, ad preference, and individual other features. This way it is easy to manage Facebook data.

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