Where To Invest Money For Good Returns in Fd or Debt Mutual Fund

Good returns on investment in debt mutual funds instead of FD

Hello friends we today we talk about where to invest money to get good return so let's start and get ideas for a good investment 

Fixed Deposit in short we can say FD.Most of us are the preferred investment of Indians. The main reason for this is that it is easy to understand the FD and its benefits. We take money directly and go to the bank and make the FD. Unfortunately, most people do not consider tax and actual returns while investing and trust only on security and fixed returns, while there are better alternatives and options. Eg - debt mutual funds

What is the return on FD: Suppose: 

You come in 30% tax and 7% return on FD. It will have to pay 30% tax, which is 2% of this 7%. Is 1%. I.e. 4 in your hand 9% returns will come. If inflation is 5% and after tax 4 on investment. If 9% is getting returns, then the return is actually zero because the inflation rises. So the purchasing power decreases. 

How do debt mutual funds work:-

 Debt Mutual Fund is a tax exemption higher than fixed deposits. Debt Funds Corp. Bonds, Government Invest in fixed-interest securities such as securities, treasury bills, commercial paper and other money markets, which increase the capital. Debt fund is also called income fund or bond fund. Investing in Debt Fund Take from - cost structure, stable return (from 6% to 7%), With a relatively high liquidity i.e. debt mutual funds, money can be refunded in one day and there is no fee like FD. There is also less risk and more stability. Debt funds are not very different from other equity mutual fund schemes. However, in terms of money security, it is better than equity mutual funds. Debt mutual fund is better than FD in tax case Because tax is taxable on the FD, whereas debt mutual fund tax is settled only at the time of sale. Unless you sell them, no tax will be paid. . Note - Fully thinking thoughts on investors' ability to take risks, returns, liquidity and taxation. Only after doing the investment should decide.

Understand on invest money how we get return :-

Option                                   Debt                            FD
Investment                        2 lack rupees            2 lack rupees

Rate of interest                         7%                              7%

Time period                              3 years                      3 years

Fund value (in last)                 2.45 lack                  2.45 lack

Inflation rate                              6%                          6%

Indexed investment               2.38 lack               Not permitted

Taxable amount                  7000 rupees              45000 rupees

Tax                                         2400 rupees              15000 rupees

Return after                         42600 rupees            30000 rupees

So we can uderstand  Where To Invest Money For Good Returns in Fd or Debt Mutual Fund  

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