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       Make Carrier into field of  voice dubbing 

There are many dimensions of globalization, we are straight from some and some of us know late. When globalization had begun and there was a large number of protests in developing countries, the list of protesters was not in the movies and television serials. Probably, even in the minds of those who oppose globalization, it was not until one day that a soft manufacturing product like the physical production market would also be dominating the market. However, the Hollywood film industry did not release figures last year or this year so much that it has earned from the Indian market. But according to KPMG India, collections of Hollywood's top 10 films in the year 2016 are 7 in India. It had reached 1 billion rupees, which was 6 years ago. 5 billion rupees was more than 12 percent. With the spread of our foot in India by all the world's film and other entertainment industries, there has been a massive ebending job. Actually what language content does anyone have? To present in another language, only the content in that content is to be filled in another language. The language of the rest of the camera and nature remains the same. Opportunities in large numbers In recent years, the manner in which foreign films have started to perform on a large scale, not only for the dubbing professionals, but also for the technicians and those who invest in Infrastructure of this region. Opportunities are born. That is why all the media and mass communication institutes in the country have started all the professional courses in the field of dubbing. Not only due to foreign content, but also in the exchange of films, television programs, academic documents and cultural content in various languages ​​of the country, there has also been a huge need for dubbing. India Films are made in 18 languages ​​and television content is formed in at least 24 to 27 languages, which is today seen in the other area with great interest in the country. 

Demand of voice dubbing in the whole country: 

In the year 2016-17, thousands of dandiya and garva songs of Gujarati language were dubbed in Marathi and other languages. Similarly, on the occasion of Dugapuja, the demand for Bengali songs, which were glorified on a very large scale, has increased demand in different parts of the country. The folk music of the Jatra song of Marathi has also increased demand in every corner of the country. Just like the music of Asimi and Oriya's devotional music can be heard on a large scale in South India these days. The bottom line of all these information is that the dubbing has emerged as a big business due to globalization. Consequently, demand for dubbing artists has become in the whole country today. 

Voice dubbing  A type of acting: 

only foreign films or after  Entertainment programs are not dubbing, but the demand for all the Indian films, especially in South East Asia, has increased demand. If the movie, Bahubali, has a history of earning of Aaj Tak. It has not been made by the earnings done in India, but because of this, the film is being run tremendously in China. In China, Bahubali has done more than Rs 900 crores collection, so it can be estimated that after dubbing, the demand for Indian films in foreign countries increases. But dubbing does not mean vice versa. Dubbing is a way of acting through voice. A professional dubbing in the dubbing is tried to draw the voice of a person who is dubbing it. The question is how to make a professional career in this field.

Do not easily get admission for voice dubbing course:

No, it is decided that the diploma or degree does not matter much for success in this area, as much as everyone's innate artist It is also decided to be done in the magicing of voice and not to get entry into this area easily without the academic background. Can not easily get without a degree of diploma or can be found in the very own life in your industry. If there is a matter of training in the training way, the work of making careers in the dubber area, then the work of audio posts can be admitted, and the 10-2 and graduation can be admitted in such a institute, which is admitted in the institute, which is pudding. A training of the pudding. The problem is not too big to be in the coming scale. The biggest demand of the double artist is also increasingly.

We get a good amount of money:-

 The fans is to be able to hear the language of the artist. People who do not have things of that artist in the language. The language of this area is very small, the artists of this area are very easily 2000.00, so that people are very small 2,000, one artists, such as people are very young, and so that people are very much more in the day, then one person can do any remuneration, so that if someone is very much name and so much that the voice is so much in the one and the voice is so much, then one person in such a day, such people can get any remakements from 75, 80 to 1 lakh rupees 75, but such fate and such a sense comes in the account of a ray artist, it is believed that foreign films give remunerational to crores to dubbing from Amitabh Bachchan. Overall thing is that if your voice is in the speech and you can write a word to a lot. You can then welcome to the dubbing world... 

Important Institute for admission :-

EMDI Institute, Mumbai 
Javier Institute of Communication, Mumbai
 National Film and Television School

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