After Blue Whale Challenge There Is Fear Of Momo Challenge Game In India

After Blue Whale Challenge There Is Fear Of Momo Challenge Game In India

Frist of  all we talk about what is the momo challenge game:-

At first, on the Watersapp the unknown number of people like BlueWell games begin to appear. 
This challenge user begins to have such troubles. 
Troubles that after they save their numbers. 
Not far behind knowing this, these numbers give Momo Challenge. Deletes. . Through this game. 
He does not play the game full of crime - little children and Youth are trapped in the killing of kin. Is intimidated by saying.

After blue whale game now momo challenge game is dengerous for all child's
The dirt has barely settled on the ruinous consequences that unpleated with the blue whale Challenge - the primary "game" within the realm of cyber-bullying that has reportedly claimed the lives of over a hundred and forty Russian teenagers and plenty of others by luring them into an internet game that eventually pushes them to require their own lives.
So once a twelve-year-old woman in Argentina was found dead in her yard in Gregorian calendar month this year and therefore the investigations unearthed similar links to a WhatsApp game referred to as "Momo", it had been clear that a brand new on-line epidemic was on the increase. A parallel universe on social media is unfurling a brand new age terrorist act that's targeting our youth that ought to be the sign for all folks, academics and governments to rouse and accelerate.

Conceived in Japan, the Momo Challenge entices the user to contact a "Momo" account through WhatsApp and so threatens them to perform dangerous tasks victimization alarming graphic pictures, with the ultimate task being suicide. Reportedly, the Argentinian woman's suicide news comes when a sixteen-year-old boy took his life when passing the sport on to the girl. the 2 suicides, barely forty eight hours apart cask the complete country of Columbia and therefore the reverberations of this shock began to be felt in different countries too wherever the notice and worry have already unfold like conflagration.

After the Blue Whale Game Now the Momo Challenge game is becoming fatal. After the death of Orissa and other places due to this game, it has also made people sleep in Rajasthan. The popularity of the game, called Momo Challenge L, is increasing through social sites. In this game, on the Wattsapp, children and dvds are trapped through unknown proofs. After this Momo Challenge is given. Mothers are involved in the game, children and children are so scared and upset that they commit suicide like Are forced to take steps About this game in the state, the Education Department has issued an alert to educate the children. Director of Secondary Education, Nathamal Detail, has written to all the Chief District Education Officers of the state that the children of Wattsapp and others The popularity of the game called Momo Challenge is increasing through social sites. Challenges are given to children through the game and forced to act like suicide. In all schools, students should be made aware to avoid this game.

The children did not give a smartphone-

 In the past, a schoolgirl was caught in Ajmer. If it is to be investigated, then the kin have their own needs. At the same time, the experts say that responsible mom's daughter is responsible for the death of this game played with smart phones. Challenge to the game. The family goes by. In such a way, it was said to the small children that their daughter would not call in this game.

So we say that

After Blue Whale Challenge There Is Fear Of Momo Challenge Game In India

So be aware and keep safe your child 
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