Is There Need Of Cleaning Training Center In India ! Give your opinion

 Is There need Of Cleaning Training Centre in India

Now a days india is suffering from better training and guideline about cleaning  many of indian peoples do not have any experience of cleaning of sewer so take a brief look of indian sewer area

In India, on average every second - on the third day, a clean worker dies while cleaning the gutter. About 89 people have died during this work so far this year in the country. In the same way, in 2017, 136 deaths were reported during Gutter Safai. According to the figures of National Safai Employee Commission every 5 days A Safai  employee dies in Gutter. Most of the victims are in the age of 20 to 50 years of age during the cleanup. In spite of this, the responsible people of the society have never felt that it is inhuman to bring in the knowledge of technical knowledge and equipment to sewer in the sewer without cleaning the hell. There are many laws in the security arrangement of those who take risks for the clearing of hell and also the instructions of the Human Rights Commission. Mangar is buried in those books. Most of the people who die in this inhuman tragedy are unorganized daily workers. Because of this, neither does any protest arise on their death nor any effective measures to prevent such diversions in the future.

The Fact About Safai employees :-

The capital of Delhi in the last few days Five people were killed while cleaning the Greendi sewer in the Green DLF apartment. Similarly, four people were killed while working in the sewer of Ghitorni area of ​​Delhi. On August 6, 2017, two people lost life in Lajpat Nagar. On 21st August, 2017, Shipal had also died in Delhi, while cleaning the sewer. Three died in Gurgaon. In Taranararan of Punjab, two people were also killed in the same manner. During the sewerage cleaning in Bhiwani sector 26, two Safaii employees died on the spot due to falling into the gutter. In Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, at least seven people died due to suffocation while cleaning a sewer. Police sessions had reported that the sewer had chemical residues. These days, like reading the day - keep listening.
Government and the cleaning staff, the asylum head. There is a fire in the slogans to stop the unimaginable practice of carrying out this kind of Geetapodita. National Human Rights Yoga and Mumbai High Court had issued guidelines for those who have not been released. The Supreme Court has ordered that the U-beats of the sewer should be used only for the purpose of lifting, but not to the ram employees by putting mustard oil on the body of a tech machine, in gutter Crafted to be cleaned. On one side days - the length of the sewer lines is increasing, while on the other hand the number of laborers has decreased. Due to the ongoing India campaign, sewerage lines are being thrown in every major city. But the government is not making any arrangements for cleanliness of the sewerage lines being put across the country. In the places where the sewerage system has been started in recent years, even the old method of cleaning it is being used.

Now What Is The Precautions :-

Government thinks the Court and the National Safai Employee Commission have also guided many times that the sewer machines should be cleaned. But there is no impact on the government. Today, cleaning and sterilizing the country has become a major problem. We have also been in news papers many times from the Kurtubmanar near Delhi. Similar is the case with other cities of the country. Where waste disposal becomes a major problem. In such a situation, the government should open the training centers of modern methods of cleanliness in the country. 
1.In the same way in the country, training centers, colleges, universities are being operated for different areas, in the same way, cleaning of villages, cities, sewerage .For state-of-the-art cleaning of garbage collection, cleanliness in state-of-the-art, training centers will be arranged in every state of the country From where the people of the trade appointed for cleaning work in various cities and villages. With this, cleanliness will be done through scientific method, while death in sewer may also be stopped. 

2.  The government should also ensure that whenever a new plan for sewerage is made, some of the amount spent on the sewerage should also be made available for the purchase of machines coming in the cleaning of the sewerage. The said amount should be used to buy machines that are used for cleaning after the sewerage is generated. Now the government should arrange for immediate arrangement of the machines used in cleaning the sewerage so that the death of the inefficiently inhuman people can be stopped.
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Is there need of cleaning training centre in india

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