Special Apps to help you remember everything । Apps for remember everything । 9 Apps for remember things

Special Apps to help you remember everything । Apps for remember everything । 9 Apps for remember things 

By pexel

We all often forget about things. Due to the increase in technology, our memory has decreased. Now with the help of some apps you can remove the complaint that your memory is low. These apps can remember all your work. So far that you can improve your memory.

Level Money:-

Level Money Tracks Finance It is free for iOS and Android. This bank links to accounts so that you can know how much money you spent, no need to input about shopping. It keeps information about the habit of spending income and savings.
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Evernote can take notes about everything. It lets you remember everything connected with life. It keeps notes very well organized. This app is free for iOS and Android Devices. You can use it in many tasks, such as interviews, business cards, recipes etc.


After reading the article from the Pocket App, you can read online. It's free for iOS and Android Devices. While browsing the internet, we find many articles that we would like to read later. Can send article to device on pocket.

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With the help of the Humin App, you can find out where you met someone. This is a free app for iOS. It can tell on the basis of small information that you told a person and how he got it. You just need the numbers of the front person. With the help of this app, you get rid of tension for remembering people.

Last Time:-

The Last Time App can tell you the name of when you did the last time. This app is for iOS. This app can tell when the last time you visited the doctor. When did the phone to the families. This app helps to organize life
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Find My IPhone:-

This application frees you from the tension of losing your iPhone. If you are missing an apple device, then this app will show missing iPhone iPod Touch or Mac on the map. You can easily lock your device. If it is around you, then you can create sound in it. This is free application for iOS.

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This app reminds us of worldly work with the help of game users for iOS users.This Task Management app helps to complete everyday tasks of boring tasks. Its price is approximately $ 1.99 While playing games in this app, you can remember what you need to do. Do not spend much brain using this app.


Lumocity can improve your memory. It is available for iOS side Android device. This is a neuroscientist-design app that tracks your memory and increases concentration. It improves your cognitive skills with the help of more than 40 games. With this help you can make your memory good.

Mint Bills & Money:-

With this help, you can repay your bills on time. This app is free for iOS and Android. It tracks bills and helps in timely payments. With the help of this app, you can get rid of the tension of paying bills on time. This app should be in your smartphone

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