Digital Parenting Solution – TheOneSpy Computer and Mobile Spy App

Digital Parenting Solution – TheOneSpy Computer and Mobile Spy App

Parenting has become more complex in this day and age owing to the technological advancement and widespread adoption of mobile phones and the internet. The post millennial generation is more dedicated to their smartphones and computers than anything else in their life. The uncontrolled use of these technologies can lead teens and tweens to several endangerments. Parents of post-millennial kids are needed to monitor the digital behavior of offspring. Fortunately, there are numerous monitoring apps that are intended for parents to supervise the mobile phone and computer use of children. This article discusses how TheOneSpy computer and mobile phone spy app helps parents to safeguard their kids from the threats prevailing in the digital world. 

TheOneSpy Computer and Mobile Spy App

TheOneSpy is a cross-platform monitoring app that is intended for parents to supervise the mobile spy app and computer use of their kids. It is compatible with android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS and supports multiple mobile phone and computer brands. Once you install the software on the targeted mobile phone or computer device, you can monitor and operate that device through a web panel. There are time-based subscriptions of the software that vary in price with respect to the operating system and selected features. Read on to know the features offered by monitoring software.

Spy On Social Media

Social media holds a significant spot on teens’ lives. The researches indicate that kids between the age of 12 and 17 spend around nine hours a day using social media sites. The more they remain online the more they are likely to expose to the potential dangers of the online world. Majority of the social media users have become victim of child predation and cyber-bullying bearing a negative influence on mental, physical and psychological health. 
TheOneSpy social media monitoring app allows parents to track the social media activities of their children. It allows spying on popular social messengers including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, Line and Viber among other. Parents can read their kids’ messages and monitor photos and videos exchanged via these socializing apps. 

Spy on Messages

The text messages sent and received via monitored cell phone can be reviewed by parents through the web panel of the spyware app. The tracking app syncs SMS, MMS and instant messages stored on the monitored phone and allows parents to retrieve deleted messages as well.

Call Recording

You can listen to the phone calls of your kids without accessing their mobile phones. The surveillance software records every incoming and outgoing phone call of your kid and uploads the recorded calls to web panel of the spyware. As well as listening to the recorded calls, you can track the call logs showing the call time, call duration and contact number of the caller and recipient.

Supervise Internet Use

The digital parenting solution enables parents to monitor the internet use of their children. They can find out which websites are being visited by their children. It accesses the internet browsing history of the monitored mobile phone and computer and uploads to the web panel. It shows URLs of the websites visited and time of visiting these sites.

Spy on Emails

The tracking software lets you monitor the emails of your children. It tracks the incoming and outgoing Gmail emails and accesses the email addresses of the negotiators.


The computer and mobile phone surveillance app records the keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the monitored device. These keystrokes enable parents to access the keylogs of usernames, passwords and email addresses. These secretly accessed credentials can be used to closely watch out the social media accounts and other online accounts operated by teens on their monitored devices.

Screen Recording

The spyware lets you know what your kids are doing on their computers in real-time. You can detect whether they are doing their assignment or killing their study time watching movies, playing games or doing other unproductive activities.

Surround Monitoring

The high-tech mobile phone and computer spy app does not just allow tracking the activities performed on the monitored devices but it also let you supervise the events in the surroundings of the monitored devices. You can remotely operate the camera and microphone of the targeted mobile phone and computer to view and listen to the surrounding scenes and sounds.

The Bottom Line

TheOneSpy is found to be a reliable and high-tech monitoring app that offers numerous ways to supervise the digital behavior of teenagers and tweens. Parents can be aware of their kids’ every activity performed in the digital world without breaking the bank.
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Emma Stone
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However, your child may be using the Internet for the wrong reasons. Using these programs, there would be an icon for the software on the desktop screen, telling the whole world that the computer was under surveillance.

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