How To Change Desktop QuickBooks Password?

How To Change Desktop QuickBooks Password?

If you don’t have your positive identification, don’t worry. Here’s a way to come back to into your company file on a Windows pc. If you’re on a Macintosh, follow these steps instead.

1. Verify the kind of positive identification you wish to reset

Admin positive identification:

You need to reset the admin positive identification if:

● You don’t have to be compelled to enter a user name. once you sign up you simply enter a positive identification.
● Type “Admin” or other admin username you make.


1. User positive identification

If you’re not AN admin user, your ​QuickBooks support number​ admin will reset your positive identification for you. Contact your admin and have them follow steps during this article for resetting a user positive identification.


2. Follow steps for your positive identification sort

● Once you recognize what sort of positive identification you wish to reset, follow the steps below for that sort.
● Reset the admin positive identification
● To reset your admin positive identification, you wish to substantiate some info as a security step. If you don’t bear in mind the information, we’ll show you ways to seek out it.
● Open QuickBooks Desktop. At the login window, click the I forgot my
positive identification link.

3. Fill out the knowledge on the shape that seems. You’ll need:

● Your number for the version of QuickBooks Desktop you’re victimization. (Press F2 from the login window to examine your license number).
● The name, email address, number, and postal code you originally used once you purchased the merchandise.
3.Click OK. If the information you entered is correct, you’ll receive a code at your registered email address. (This is your “primary email” listed in CAMPS).
4. Got the code from your email and enter return in QuickBooks Desktop.QuickBooks can then guide you thru making a replacement admin positive identification.

If the positive identification reset does not work

1. Double-check the knowledge you entered. Check rigorously for typos and ensure the information specifically matches what you have got in CAMPS.
2. If you bought a slip or still would like to facilitate resetting your positive identification, strive the machine-controlled positive identification Reset Tool.

Reset a user positive identification

1. Sign in because of the admin user. If you can’t try this, contact the person at your company UN agency has admin access.
2. Go to Company and choose got wind of Users and Passwords. Then choose got wind of Users.
3. If prompted, enter the admin positive identification once more.
4. In the User List, choose the user that wants a positive identification modification. Then choose Edit User.
5. Enter a replacement positive identification.
6. Select Next double, then choose the end.
7. If the user currently has to sign up on this pc, attend the File menu and choose shut Company/Logoff. The user will currently sign up with their username and also the new positive identification you simply created.
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