Features of android pie 9 operating system ! New updates of android pie 9 ! Latest version of android

Features of android pie 9 operating system ! New updates of android pie 9 ! Latest version of android

By pexel

This is the official operating system. The next big version of the Android operating system is Android. New of the world's most famous mobile operating system. Version is now available on pixel phones. Other companies making devices The beta program was signed, they will receive updates at the end of this cell. Know what's in the Android pie - what features are available. 

1.Support like iPhone X on display:-

 Google is now following Apple. Android P Elegant Preview The display comes with cutout support. In the official Android blog, the special Setan says that the new OS version will support full-screen smartphones. There will be dedicated space for speakers and front camera. It appears to be quite like the iPhone X.

2. mobile hot spot will automatically shut off :- 

if the Wi-Fi hot spot is enabled in Android 9 pie, then there is a new setting in which it will shut off the Hint spot if no device is connected. By default this setting will be turned on. If you want to turn it off. Hot Spot Settings Are Advanced Of The Area Can go into the section.

With Android Pie, users will be able to see inside the notification tray, which text is in Message One to One and in which Message Group

3. Like Gmail, 'smart reply' in message Inbox:-

Google had already started its smart rialies. These are automatic responses that are displayed like mails or chips in reply. Now the same thing has also been applied to the message. This will save time for typing your message. You can set up how to send  Reply.

4.Settings redesign with Vertical Volume Slider:-

There has been a cosmetic change in the settings page with android pie. The pattern of white / blue has been multi-colored. For many, this refreshing change will happen. Now the volume slider is vertical instead of horizontally. has gone . Its placements have been changed from the top to the side.

5.Ability to view image in message notifications:-

Users will be able to view the image in message notifications by swapping down the tray from the top of the screen. This is not possible so far. Now users will have to open the notification to see the attachment.

6.New Image Compression Technology Like iOS 11:-

If you have an Android Pie on your mobile phone. Your images will save more data during the transfer. Also save more space on the handset. This is all about the endoyed pie Support for HIEF Image Coding is possible. Apple company has already done this thing.

7.Text Zooming Tool Like I Phone:-

This is a very spectacular Android pipe. Feature is. This feature like the iPhone shows the user clearly. That's what they're typing. When the user swipes the cursor on the sentence or phrase during typing, it gets a magnetized look.

8.Support new Wi-Fi protocols;-

Android Pie brings support for its stand-alone IEEE 802.11 MC Wi-Fi protocol. This Wi-Fi is also known as 33 round trip time (RTT). For ad users It means that they will be able to see indoor maps directly from within the apps. This will prove to be a very useful feature.

9.Bluetooth Speaker Party:-

Android 9 lets users pair with up to five Bluetooth devices. Can easily switch between them. This is every Bluetooth. Remember the last volume level for the device.

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