Features of dual camera in smartphone ! Why dual camera is better then simple camera ! Importance of dual camera

Features of dual camera in smartphone ! Why dual camera is better then simple camera ! Importance of dual camera

By pexel

Now a days dual camera is must in all phone if we don't have a dual camera phone then we can not take a creative image or photo.
Smartphones can take great photos from dual camera. Learn about the smartphone's dual camera setup.

Why is dual camera setup:-

 If you look at the back of the phone then you can see the small camera lenses. In the smartphone the camera module is a bit smaller, because the phone also needs to be slim. Within these small models, the company has to fit small motors elements image sensors and sometimes speculate image stabilization for smaller motors. Two lenses will be seen for dual. These would be considered horizontal or vertical together. This means that the device will have two full and independent camera modules. One of these is the primary lens, which is the main function, while the secondary lens works to capture additional light, increase field of view and help in background blur.

Do dual camera phones take better photos than other phones:-

 that's not necessary . Although the dual camera system offers great results, but some other factors such as sensor size, pixel size aperture and post processing also play an important role in the result. Samsung Galex S7, Google pixels, One Sense 3, LG G5, HTC 10 and some other phones can offer great results and better details in low light compared to many i70 camera smartphones. These flagship phones can compete with iFool camera smartphones such as iPhone 7 Plus and Huawei P9.

Is this the new teleology:-

 It's not like this . Il Camera 2011 was launched in the HTC EVO 3D smartphone. At that time the iul camera was used to capture 3 images to work with NTC's 3D screen. After this the companies continued the tests, but nothing special happened. In 2014, HTC One M8 came with its Duo camera setup and effects Deficit of Field Effect. In 2016, the Evil Camera developed to deliver Accelerate Results. It is also effectively overcome by the problem of lack of space in Modern Phones.

What are the benefits of dual camera:-

Dual camera helps in taking sharp images with more details. This enables ultra wide angle mode. It takes a photo with the deft of Field to focus the subject. Dual camera setup adds 1x or 2x optical zoom to the phone.

The dual camera is on the front of the phone:-

In 2015 Lenovo launched a dual front camera in vibe s1. It had a primary 8-megapixel front camera and the second 2 megapixel front camera. Vivo also did a dual-front camera  launch on in V5 Plus. There was a bokeh effect for better depth of field effects. Now many companies are launching smartphones with front-end cameras.
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