World's biggest airport Istanbul Turkey ! Airport in 19 thousands acres world record

World's Biggest Airport Istanbul Turkey ! Airport In 19 Thousands Acres Area Become A World Record

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Hello friends today we talk about a world record how a airport of Turkey Istanbul makes a world record and what is the specifications and features of the airport let's talk. This is the Frist stage
88 thousand crore in Turkey First phase of airport to be built in Istanbul
The first phase of the world's largest airport in Istanbul is completed in Turkey. For its release, the country's 95th Republic Day Festival is held in Istanbul instead of the capital Ankara. In the presence of more than 50 leaders from 18 countries, President Typ Ardogan released it on Monday. However, international flights will begin on October 31. This airport, built on Black Sea, will manage 9 million passengers from two runways in the first phase. In 2023, its capacity will be 20 million passenger annually. It is spread over 19 thousand acres. With this, 250 airlines will fly over 350 destinations. In the first phase, Rs. 54 thousand crore While the cost is Rs 88 thousand crore Atlanta Hatsfield - America's busiest airport in terms of flights, passengers now - Jackson Airport is the busiest in the world Istanbul

Objectives - Making Istanbul a tourist hub:
 The purpose of making Istanbul the largest airport is to create a tourist hub and to accelerate economic growth. Turkey hopes that the operation of the airport will increase its economy by about 5%. Now 17 million passengers arrive in Turkey. Istanbul's involvement in this is 31%. There are 255 international flights operated here.

Atlanta Airport V/S Istanbul Airport (up to 2023) Flight Operations

Atlanta's Airport:-

  • In Atlanta Airport is the busiest in the world in flights operators. 
  • More than 100 million passengers arrive here annually. 
  • Apart from 9. 5 million flights are operated. 
  • There are an average of 1000 flights per day running from Atlanta Airport. 
  • There are five runways on this.
Istanbul Airport Turkey:-
  • This will be the world's largest area by 2023. 
  • 2000 flights will be operated. . 
  • Its passenger capacity will be 20 million. 
  • There will be six runways at this airport. 
  • Highest in the world . . There will be a parking arrangement of 70 thousand cars. 
  • The shopping complex will be built in 53 thousand square meters.

About Istanbul Turkey Airport's interior design And hightech features:-

Airport's air traffic control tower is made in tulip size. | Its interior | Has so far received two international awards.

  • Islamic artwork has been done in the interior of the airport. 
  • Here the Tulip-shaped Air Traffic Control Tower has won the International Architecture Award in 2016. 
  •  Facilities will be provided to passengers at the airport with the help of Mobile App and Artificial Intelligence. 
  • This facilitates early scanning of the luggage during check-in passenger. Online check-in will also be available. 
  • The magic mirror app will tell the passengers after wearing clothes, watch etc. during the shopping. 
  • 40 thousand LED people will be given the signal to reach the flight and get out of the airport. 
  •  The world's largest tax-free shopping complex at the airport. This complex will be made in 53 sections of the six sections. 
  • First from October 31. International flight will start from Turkey to northern Cyprus. 
  • About 35 thousand employees were involved in the project. There were also 3 thousand engineers. 37 people have died during construction.
Here is some features and information about the turkey Istanbul airport give your opinion on this article thank you for reading
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