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Online shopping is not only enough to be abroad but also now being quite popular in India. Especially in the youth where the reach of the Internet has been available to villages, every other is now available online. The bank also gives many kinds of discounts and offers to online shopping. But when making the curtain online, we have some precautions. When people are in mind the many shopping, there are many kinds of fears. These feasts are started online. The festival season has started the possibility of such fraud and increases it. But people can save themselves from being online with the fracture.
 So take the precautions and be safe from online fraud

Look at the sellers ratings:-

People press the button to buy the product. Before this, see the seller's ratings. Especially buy goods from such vendors who have transacted at least 50 or more and their rating is also 90 per cent or at least 4 star. The higher the same as you can. That can rely on that seller.

 Do not fall for cheap and discount:-

If people are getting very expensive on any shopping website and they are making a mind cheap to buy it. Because in this way people have not even lack of earning their hard work by giving them a falseness. Many times also see that customers are giving good tips to cheaply, in the gifts, stuff, plastic or soaps are delivered in the gifts. It is not even not to be able to give discounts on expensive things in online shopping, but whenever they click on such deal, then always always focus attention Keep that you buy from the official seller only. . Many times it is noticed that the seller has got a good rating, but he has only 18 so far. Avoid relying on such a vendor if you have done 20 transactions.

Give attention to the service center too:-

Whenever you buy a product online, get all the information related to that product such as Warranty or Service Center With the help of free accessories, along with the details of the details of that product, if you have given a mail id, please note it anywhere. Whenever the product is booked online and in addition to the code and e-mail conformity, if it is being sold by a third-party vendor, then keep its address there. Because sometimes sites cite their third position by citing the third party service. It is always good to see the product in the site so check it thoroughly on every side and check that whatever product you have booked. You're the same delivery here. Well, in all the popular sites, all information related to product availability is given.
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