how to increase your wifi speed on pc ! Boost your WiFi speed

How To Increase Your Wifi Speed On Pc ! Boost Your WiFi Speed on Laptop

Hello friends many of people have a problem that their WiFi spped is slow and they have problems In surfing and downloading then follow these steps to overcome these type of problem

Change the place of the laptop:-

 First of all, do the job by changing the place of the laptop. Often the signal of Wi-Fi weakens due to some obstruction. And slow your browsing. Do not have walls, stairs etc. between router and laptop.

 Stop unwanted programs :-

It may also happen that your laptop is running programs that use a lot of bandwidth. Such as downloading files on a Dropbox or uploading Windows or auto updating of Windows You can turn them off. 

Restart laptops and router:-

 There is also an easy way to restart your laptop and router before using it. Rebooting them will automatically stop applications that use the highest bandwidth.

Update Driver Software:-

 It may be that your Wi-Fi works in Windows 7, but it will be slow in Windows 3 or Windows 10. Such a driver may be due to Paul. Diver to overcome it Update the software.

 Check the wireless card:-

 Many times the power saver mode of battery becomes enforced on the wireless card too. In such a situation, it can reduce your Wi-Fi speed. So check the card setting. 
So follow these simple steps then see the magic 
Thanks for reading 

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