How useful is your old android phone let's know

How useful is your old android phone let's know


Hello friends I have a good news for you can you imagine that how useful is your old android phone let's know about it . If you want to sell out your old android or want to keep in safe .you are totally wrong because your old phone is very useful after you buy a new phone know how 
So let's talk about 

I am listing some most usable things or idea how you can utilise your old Phone

Desktop Control :-

Android device can work as a wireless controller for desktop Computers. Connect both devices to the same network. To start the Roccat's Power GRID app. Work software for Windows PC will be able to control the desktop from the Android device. 

The Bitcoin Minor:-

 Bitcoin will have to complicate calculations from the device for mining. Therefore, use the powerful computer. In this work, you can earn bitcoin by calculating algorithms from the phone from free apps like Easy Miner and LTC Miner. 

Wireless Security Camera:-

 IP webcam for Android uses the phone camera to stream the live video video Live Live Feed can be seen in a web browser, streaming video player or any other smartphone / tablet.

Time Laps Camera :-

This is a great photo technology. It has completed the long time period in small sequence. It can see the time passed through fast. The sunset can create videos, which occur in a few seconds. You can see the path of the whole day in a few minutes.

Fabulous Media Player:-

 Many Phone HD Video Playback and HDMI Output are enabled. For this, MHL HDMI will be required by the cable and a media player like MX player. This can help see the display on TV display full-load resolution.

Phone Power Donation:-

Phone Power of distributed computing can contribute to research projects from the power of the Power of Distributed Computing. In this, the large amount of processing power is broken into small packets. If the phone is inactive and plugged in, then the data will be downloaded, calculations will be performed and will be sent back.

Bedside Music Player:-

 Take a 32 or 64 GB Micro SD Card. Copy your music collection to the card. You can also use the audio streaming app like Gaana or TuneIN Radio in the smartphone.

Wireless Media Streaming:-

Apps can be used to stream content from wireless media streaming DLN technology. Connect TV and smartphone to the same network. Use the app like PlayTo or Skifta to enable DLNA.

Helpful For vehicle:-

can convert the old smartphone from the free lysse speedometer app into a powerful car trip computer. You can record GPS data for travel. Speed, time-related information can be gathered.

Powerful Download Machine:-

 Install in effective download machine free app uTorrent phone. This allows you to download yantr and magnets files. There will be such features in uTorrent for Android, which will be in the desktop client.

Safe Toys:-

 Old Android phones can prove to be an educational tool for children. | Download apps such as Zoodles, 'Kidoz or Kid' s Shell for kids. Can decide in the phone. 'What the child can access.

Skype clients:-

 can use the old smartphone as a Skype client with a free Skype application. Set up Skype for it, connect to Wi-Fi and mount it in the room. There is no need for any kind of action in the phone. 

Digital Costume:-

Digital World features special T-shirts with peculiar face graphics. After installing a special app in the phone, the eyes are animated on the graphic due to the phone screen. You can also purchase T-Shirts online.
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