Big Research And Invetions Into The World Of Science 2018 ! These research and inventions in the science world are in the headlines ! Rememberable Research and Inventions Of Science 2018

Big Research And Invetions Into The World Of Science 2018 ! These research and inventions in the science world are in the headlines ! Rememberable Research and Inventions Of Science 2018

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The time has come to say goodbye to 2018 and to welcome 2019, there have been many changes in the world in the year 2018, especially in the field of science and technology, this year has been a year of change, scientists from India have made many areas including space science, defense technology In achieving consistent achievements in the country, the country's pride has continued to increase, while in other countries, there have been continuous research or inventions that have impact on human life and the world over. Will be longer.

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Mision Gaganyaan Of India:-

According to Mission Gaganyan, Indian Space Research Organization ISRO, 3 Indians will be selected for the Gaganayan Mission of India, which will be launched in 2022, which will be the largest announcement of this year by India in science and technology, which will be the first human space in the country. Will be part of the flying program, they will be launched from Sriharikota Airport and within 16 minutes they will reach the limit of space, this After this, they will spend five to seven days in the lower orbit of the earth, that is, 300 to 400 kilometers, with this expedition, it will become the fourth country in the world to send humans into space.

Artificial Moon Of China:-

In 2018, China made a big announcement that it is preparing to launch its own moon, this artificial moon will spread the streets on the streets in the city, after which there will be no need of street lamps, this moon will shine in China by 2020, illuminating China streets Wants to reduce the cost of electricity to keep, China's Southwestern Shichuan Province is engaged in developing illumination satellite i.e. light satellites, this satellite Sully is lit but the lights will be more than eight times as the moon.

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Telerobotic Coronary Surgery :-

In December, a cardiologist from Ahmedabad city, with the help of robot-controlled equipment, claimed and claimed a patient's teleobotric coronary surgery from a distance of 32 km. That this is the world's first teleobotics coronary surgery, Dr Tejas Patel, sitting in the Akshardham temple complex of Gandhinagar, was in the operation theater of the Apex Heart Institute in Ahmedabad, which was kept in the Robotics Operation Theater and he was suffering from high-speed Wireless were connected to the internet. India has achieved a significant achievement in medical science.

Electronic Capsule :-

In the field of medical science, the year 2018 is going to await a lot, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created a special type of electronic capsule, releasing the drug in the stomach, it is controlled from the outside of a Bluetooth device. After the course of one month of medicine, this capsule dissolves in the stomach and goes out of the stool, scientists believe that Injecting patients with the help of electronic capsules It is very useful for patients whose risk of infection is high.

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Underground Lake on Mars :-

 Researchers in the study said that the lake below the iceberg on Mars is 20 kilometers broad, making it possible to have more water and even presence of life, it is the largest water body ever found on Mars. Alan Duffy, assistant professor at Swinburne University, Australia Termed it as a grand achievement.

Spacecraft on the sun mission:-

American Space Agency NASA launches its Parker Solar Probes Yan this year; It is expected that it will be the closest spacecraft to the Sun, so far no spacecraft has reached such a point in history, Parker Solar probe was launched from Cape Canaveral in Palora, this space shuttle has been named after 91-year-old astronomer Eugene Pakar. Area was described the first solar wind.

Nasa's Insight Lander :-

American space agency NASA's Spacecraft Insight Lander landed on Mars this year, this new robot sent for Mars, in a very important time of 7 minutes, the landing of NASA's Insite Mission aims to study the ground and internal parts of Mars and apart from Earth, this is the only Planet whose NASA is going to investigate this way, Insite can provide such information about Mars, which is not get yet.
This vehicle will put a sizmometer on Mars which will be able to record the movements inside it.

Mosquitoes will be eliminated from the world:-

Google's parent company, Alphabet Ink, has found an unsurpassed way to eliminate mosquitoes from around the world, scientists in California have started preparing for the eradication of mosquitoes from the world, this is the first time Google's parent company Alphabet Ink is world-wide. Many companies associated with life sciences are also working on the work on the elimination of mosquito-borne illness.

 Discovering new constellations :-

 Scientists discovered the presence of a new and vast constellation in the galaxy this year, which challenges those current principles that ultimately eliminates the existence of large stars, a researcher Benjamin Pope said that it was discovered in our galaxy Has a unique constellation, scientists have discovered the Gamma Ray Burst Proogener system, which is a kind of supernova.

Invention Of Rechargeable Battery:-

Scientists have developed the highly flexible lithium battery that can be recharged this year, this battery is based on the eccus electrolytes, the need for such a battery will be for the electronic device that can be worn in the future, flexible electronic device Attracting because there is flexibility in them.

Charging Dock:-

There are millions of smartphone users in the world, for them the year 2018 came with great good news; Scientists at Nottingham Trance University have created a solar panel that will be installed in a pocket, if the phone's battery is discharge then putting this device into pocket phone will be charges. This device will be named Charging Dock.

Searching the Ending Planet :-

Astronomers used Hubble Space Telescope to discover a planet nearly the size of the Neptune planet, which is already ending 100 times faster than any other external planetary planet, similar to that of the outer planet, The speed at which the planets and the distance from which they orbiting their stars can be revealed that they will be the longest part of their solar system or they will end.

Rustam.2 Drone:-

DRDO, the Defense Research and Development Organization of India, fatal drone rostum in February 2 drone successfully tested in Chitradurga district of Karnataka, created by DRDO for all the three armies, this unmanned aircraft can fly long distances in the medium height, it is able to fly for 24 hours in a row, capable of carrying weapons Rustam.2 The surveillance will be brought to work.
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