How To Use One Gadget Into Multiple Work ! Can We Use One Gadget Into Multiple Task

How To Use One Gadget Into Multiple Work ! Can We Use One Gadget Into  Multiple Task

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Hello friends today I am sharing a utily and technical topic

Wired media playback :-

If you want to be compatible with TV . Can add tablets and smartphones In this way you can get output with audio in full HD resolution. Now there are many such phones coming in the market, which have an MHL port. With this you can connect the phone directly to the TV from the MHL-HDMI cable. Some phones / tablets also have a Micro HDMI port connecting to the TV. Once connected, the smartphone screen can mirror the TV. You can see the movie on the big screen by opening the Media Player app in your mobile phone. Significantly, Apple devices need a Lightning HDMI adapter.

Wireless media playback:-

In this new generation connected to the Internet of era. The TVs with DLNA are comparable. DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a standard, which allows interoperability between different multimedia devices. is . Phone and TV on the same network. Can be streamed content from phone to TV on connecting. For Android for PlayTo or iOS. Media: Connect can be used at work. To stream content on TV Get Chromecast or Teewe 2 in action.

Make a webcam to Surveillance camera:-

Nowadays comes from these webcams in every laptop. You can also buy webcams for desktop. Now you can easily set this webcam as a surveillance camera or baby monitor. To you www.yawcam.com and go free yawcam software download. It starts using your webcam for continuous live video streaming. With this help, you can also take snapshots at the first interval. With this help you can set the camera in such a way that it can do motion detection.

Create Digital Camera Webcam:-

 Now you can convert digital cameras to webcam only 21 There are also digital cameras in the market, which have built-in webcam function. This function is usually found in the camera's connectivity settings. You have to connect your camera to your computer with a USB cable. After that start the webcam function. After this, the camera can access in AA such as Skype or Google Hangout, as a standard webcam. Canon Camera users can also use the software named Extra Webcam. With this, you can easily convert your camera into a webcam.

Convert Smartphone into Media player:-

all smartphones offer superb multimedia capability. Some smartphones come with preloaded multiple audio - video formats support. Some smartphones can install apps for these functions. Many people have started watching movies in TV by installing DVD / Blu-ray player, home theater system or USB drive. Smartphones can be converted into a media player for TV.

Manage android from browser:-

You can see the phone's notifications on the computer's web browser. For this, enter the free AirDroid app in the Android phone. Web in web browser airdroid Open the com and scan the QR code to connect the phone. The browser window will display phone information.

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