Yelo: First credit card guide? Second credit card recommendation

Yelo:  First credit card guide?  Second credit card recommendation?

The market is teeming with a wide range of banks offering, these cards with a gamut of schemes. But this is precisely what makes the decision so difficult. Which scheme should you trust? Luckily, in your need,Yelo App is there. It is an app related to personal loan.

Before we delve in to the details of this instant personal loan app. Let me reveal how I first came upon this resourceful web portal.

# My story

Life as a student or young working professional is not easy. Living in a city like Pune or Mumbai means you have a high rent to pay along with electricity and building maintenance. Then there’s the phone bill, food and internet to pay for.

I’m sure many of you find yourself in similar situations. However, be it a sudden shopping spree for my brother’s wedding or even thinking of taking a holiday abroad; there was always a lack of money. That was when I realised I needed a credit card and applied for it. But that was the beginning of my struggle, because banks bombarded me with complicated ‘terms and conditions’.

The bank’s credit card agents spoke of fees, reward points and various charges even before I got my card I hand. Disheartened, I hung up. But I failed to find a one step solution to all the encyclopedia of information that various financial intermediaries were throwing at me.

That was when a friend suggested Yelo credit card app. It had a simple format and was very user-friendly, which was a huge relief. It presented me with information not just about one bank’s card schemes, but all the available offers in one go. Moreover, since it highlighted important information, it made it easy to choose my preferences based on their offers. The best part is that there was no pressure at all!

I easily figured out the charges, best interest rates and fees after culmination of the interest-free period. This swiftly let me submit my credit card application in a matter of minutes!

# Build up your credit score

My father was always a humble man and he began his journey as a small business owner. It was a tough living, but he made ends meet and always supported my mother and me. He had a current account all those years, after the business shut down due to a volatile economy, he set his sights on greener pastures.

He worked in a small company and got his first credit card in 2011. By the time it was 2016, his credit balance only Rs. 60,000. Now, he wished to buy my mother a car, so he reached out to leading banks hoping for a car loan or even a personal loan.

But banks refused to give him a loan or any other credit card due to a lack of collateral. But the most hurtful part was that my father’s credit score was low. All the banks demanded evidence of loan repayment ability. This is the sad reality that many of us face. Be it a new car or a personal loan for an urgent medical expense, one needs a loan at times. But high lending rates and a demand for a good credit score can hamper your loan request.

It is our experience that makes me advise you to act now and check your credit score.

# In the end

Use the YeLo app or visit their website to examine offers and credit information about every bank. Their array of financial suggestions helped my dad improve his credit score slowly but surely. The financial advice was offered free of cost!

So whether you’re considering getting an instant money loan, or credit cards, you can greatly benefit from YeLo. In fact, they even suggest the cards that offer the most cashback! While it is an app that serves a lot of purposes, I personally found that it empowered me and my family.

Simple Review on Yelo:

     (main page screenshot)

1.Clear information

so many spam messages about loan and credit card on the internet, it is hard for us to select . Yelo team classified and evaluate them into many aspects, can help you make the most suitable choice.

2.Trustworthy  Content

Credit card + instant loan + credit card offer information,
Fear Fraud ? info on yelo is gathered by qualified fiance bloggers ,each information checked by at least 3 people,then it is allowed to be post.

3.Free useful financial guide there

How to apply your first credit card?
Credit cards’ differences
Which card suit your comsumption habit ?

4.User-friendly page

It is so clear easy to go to each page , won’t be messy with information .

As people saying : In need,  YeLo  indeed . We are sure that yelo credit card app will lend you a hand in recent financial problem, for you to manage your life better .

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