how to boost the performance of your pc ! If the PC performance has slowed down then try these upgrades !

To Do List When Performance of Your PC Slow Down

Is your PC's speed enough to do what you want to do on a PC? Does it take you a lot of time to boot it or stop working during your use of Photoshop? If your answer is yes, then now the time is to upgrade your hardware. Obviously, to increase the speed of PC, you need to upgrade Temporary files, defragmentation of disk space, virus check as well as hardware, OS and RAM. In addition to this, it will be important for you to know what will be the best way to upgrade your computer, which upgrade will prove to be working?

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Increase RAM Of Your Pc :-

Due to not having enough RAM in the system the PC slows down, because it uses it as a temporary storage memory. If the PC is running in normal speed before the installation of a particular program or freezes or suddenly freeze when processing large files, then you have to upgrade its RAM. RAM has 4 GB baseline unmounted which is considered good for common usage, about 10 browser tabs, limited photo editing, and video streaming. RAM will get good performance by upgrading to 8 GB such as multitasking, browsing with 30 open tabs, 16GB RAM will provide the best results for large Tasks in editing of RAW photos and some games with medium range.

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Upgrade Graphics card :-

For gaming, the graphics card has to be upgraded. If there is no serious gamer (3D Modeler or 3D Animator), then there is no need to upgrade. Nowadays graphics cards with many pc Integrated, so users do not have to buy cards separately. Integrated graphics lets you view photoshop work or videos of 4. If you want a superior graphics performance for gaming or VR work, then the card should be upgraded to Radion RX 580.

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Keep software Updated :-

Nowadays computers have set up automatic updates on computers. If this is not the case, click the update button as soon as you get the alert to release the new program versions. The same applies to operating system updates. Regular incremental updates are required due to performance and security reasons, because of course bugs cause the system to slow down. Do not do OS updates when the PC runs correctly until you make sure that it is downloaded.

Take Help From Free Software:-

Ccleaner tracks cookies with unnecessary files present in the computer, removing registry entries. It cleans all the parts of the system. PC decrypifier is particularly suitable for junk filling in new computers. Apart from clearing PC bloatware and correcting speed, it specifies which apps are not necessary. Razor Cortex and IObit Advanced System Care software for game gaming help in increasing the PC speed.

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Upgrade on Need :-

Upgrading processor compared to other upgrades is a lot of advance work. Although upgrading this is not always considered right, because it is very hard to install physically, this upgrade is more expensive and it has compatibility problems. Apart from this, you may have to upgrade the motherboard and purchase a new RAM along with the processor. The processor is only worth upgrading when the upgrade is important. Like moving from Eye 3 to I5 You can take the help of tests given on the CPUWindmarkDotnet to compare the performance of different processors. On the other hand, even though on paper your motherboard is compatible with the new processor, but a BIOS update may be required for the work. If your processor is the only one in the speed of the system, then you have to buy a new system.

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Increase Speed Of Storage Drive:-

You should know that due to the hard drive being full, you can not save new data and it also has the effect on the performance of your computer. To operate the operating system, at least 10 GB of free space should be discarded. Physical speed should be upgraded to hard disk drive. If your current PC has 5400 RPM drives, then upgrading it to 7200 RPM models will increase the speed. Switch to solid state drive for fastest speed. These drives use flash memory instead of spinning discs and multiply faster than typical hard disk drives. On average, a drive of 5400 rpm can achieve 100 Mbps, up to 7200 rpm drive up to 150 mbps and a solid state drive can exceed 500 mbps. Similarly, Samsung 970 EVOs like high-end SSDs have more than 1500 Mbps and they have more back speed.
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