Latest technology and inventions in 2019 ! What is upcoming technology and invention in 2019 ! These Technologies will come in 2019 ! What is latest technology in 2019

Latest technology and inventions in 2019 ! What is upcoming technology and invention in 2019 !  These Technologies will come in 2019

By Pexel

Wireless Laptop Charger :-

We use heavy chargers for our laptops. Wireless laptop charger can be used in such a way. The problem with this technology is that wireless charging technology is not so powerful that it can charge the battery of the laptop. With the development in this area over the past few years, we have got such wireless chargers, which offer fast charging for smartphones. These can also be powerful for the Laptops. Intel and Dell have displayed wireless chargers working smoothly with laptops. It is expected that in 2019, laptops with wireless charging will be able to purchase.

Moduler Devices :-

A few years ago, there was considerable discussion of modular smartphones. Now many brands are working on modular devices. Fairphone is for everyone who is interested in it and Moto offers a touch of modularity with Moto Motors for its smartphones. In 2018, Red launched Hydrogen One, which comes with support for modular accessory add-ons. Xiaomi introduced the module TV in 2017, which had components in a sound bar. They could be changed from the display screen and replaced with an upgraded unit. It is expected that in the year 2019, devices with modular designs will be available in the market.

Self Driving Car :-

You have heard about the experiments of Google's self-driving cars over the past few years. Now many automobile brands have also announced about autonomous cars. Tesla is one of the first companies to deliver a car with auto pilot function, but its use will be limited. The biggest problem with self-drive cars is that they use virtual maps for directions, and the sensor is used for precise driving. Both of these technologies are available and they are getting improved. It is hoped that in the coming year, self-driving cars will be available to customers.

OLED Touchscreens To Replace Keyboards:-

Most desktop or laptop users still prefer to use the standard keyboard, mouse or trackpad. Assuming that now everybody has started using touchscreen smartphones, now this kind of invention will be perfect for computers too. Apple has already launched a MacBook Pro with the OLAD Touch Bar. Similarly, Asuj has launched Zenbook with OLED Touchscreen Trekpad.
Lenovo has also introduced a laptop with a touchscreen base. It can be used as a keyboard or drawing tablet. In the coming year, we will find many brands that will replace the keyboard and trackpads with touchscreen OLED display. It is estimated that this technology can increase the productivity of the users and will be able to provide a lot of facilities.
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