Do we need a phone with 8 GB RAM? ! Is the phone with more RAM better or not ! Does the Android phone need 8 GB RAM ! Is there really we need 8gb ram in phone !

Is the phone with more RAM better or not ! Does the Android phone need 8 GB RAM !  Is there really we need 8gb ram in phone

By pexel

In the market, there are 8 GB handsets in the race after having 6 GB RAM. The 8GB RAM has started offering high internal storage up to 256 GB in order to justify the existence of the smartphone. More RAM is more storage such as two features that can leave the user. Although much of the storage space can be understood, but the Android smartphone is more susceptible to RAM.

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Just For Showoff :-

In 2018 8 GB RAM phones were discussed in every way. 8GB RAM seems to be a big thing for users looking at the specifications of smartphones, but this is a market strategy. There is no need for 8 GB RAM for users.

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Average users do not need 8 GB RAM:-

What will you do with your new smartphone? If you answer that you will enjoy music, watching movies, playing games, enjoying social media or browsing the internet, then you will not need a smartphone with 8 GB RAM. The special thing is that all these tasks can be done better on smartphones with less GB RAM.

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Fact :-  The world's finest phones have less RAM

If you look at the best smartphones in the world, you will know that they do not have too much RAM. If you want you can see Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Google pixels. They have the lowest RAM. The iPhone 8 Plus comes with 3 GB of RAM and the rest comes with 4 GB RAM. Despite low RAM, their performance is excellent.

8 GB RAM does not mean that speed will be faster:-

The speed of any of the smartphones is a huge role of software optimization. If you think that the smartphone will run faster than 8GB RAM, then this is a misconception. Many Factors work for the speed of the smartphone.

Difference Between 6 Gb RAM And 8 Gb RAM Phones :-

If you try to look at the performance and speed of a similar smartphone with a 6 GB RAM and 8 GB RAM, then you will not see any particular difference. Regular use of both the phones will look similar to you.

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Most Android games are optimized for low RAM:-

Most Developers design their games in such a way that more and more people will download and play their games. This increases their user base. So it is logical to think that most Android games also perform better on low-RAM devices.

8 GB RAM does not need any app :-

Along with games, there are not many apps or hardware available on Android devices, which require 8GB of RAM. Even AR and VR apps can also run smoothly on 4 GB RAM devices. Popular hardware like MotoModes also runs smooth on less than 4 GB RAM. So if you have 4GB RAM device then you can easily complete most of the work on smartphones.

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Is 8 GB RAM phones more futuristic ? :-

Some people might argue that by purchasing a smartphone with an 8 GB RAM, they make themselves a future proof, because of the future, heavy games and apps will be able to run on their device easily. But due to rapid changes in the technology world, people change their phones in a year or two. In this case, such phones can not be futuristic. Apart from this, smartphones with 8 GB RAM are getting very expensive in the market, it can not be prudent to take them.
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