waterproof tech gadgets 2018 ! Water resistance tech gadgets ! Waterproof tech products

waterproof tech gadgets 2018 ! Water resistance tech gadgets ! Water tech products

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At the time of monsoon, it continues in the minds of most people how they will be able to keep their gadgets safe during this season. During the monsoon, you go out of the house with family photography. In this, the gadgets are worried. Most of the gadgets were not water-resistors first, but now the gadgets have become water-resistant. In such a case, if you get trapped in storm or rain in some Go to the open manhole or get trapped later, you can still keep gadgets safe. Know that in its special way.

If you have gone to a hill in a monsoon trip and the phone battery is reduced, then the power bank is missing. In such a way, waterproof power bank is needed. Ambren offers rugged watproof and hairproof WP11 battery pack. The right accessory is also needed for the data to be secure. Choruser's Flash Survivor keeps portable drive data safe from moisture. If you do not like to buy waterproof gadgets then you can buy protective bags and sleeves.

Health wearables always stay open. Now do not miss your morning run because of the rain, because the new generation smartwatch comes with swim proof water resistance. Apple Watch has great resistances. It can also track your swimmings workouts. is . Fitbitt's new Versa, Huawei Fit and Garmin products are also helpful in the monsoon season. Samsung Gear Support is also the best option.

Smartphones play an important role in our lives. Therefore, they must be water registrants. Some devices such as OnePlus 6, some HTC devices and some Xiaomi phones offer this feature. Water resistance means that they are safe in some bits or bushes. Given the torrential rain, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X can take. These IP 67 offer waterproofing i.e. the water can stay for some time. If you like Android phones, Sony Xperia XZ2 and Samsung S8 flagship phones are also registrars with IP 68 certification.

Most people have made their smartphones a primary photography device. But the lack of water resistance is a matter of concern for people who want to do photography primarily. High - end cameras are expensive, such as the DSLR drops, their risk of degradation increases. One option is to arrange waterproof housing for the camera. The second option is to invest in the waterproof camera. Olympus TG - 5 Tough Chance and Shoot Camera. It has 12 megapixel CMOS sensors and 25 - 100 mm lenses. It is waterproof, dustproof and fridgeproof. There are anti-fog shutter glasses in it.

Personal audio:-
For the past few years headphones come up to a limit of water registrants. But they do not have much exposure to their needs as well. Although earphones are safe and Most sports earphones are waterproof. Bose SoundSport offers great sound. Bose also offers a soundproof free variant that is completely wireless. One The option is also JBL Inspires 500 Wireless. These earbuds come with luxurious waterproofing. Barge Dash has also reduced its prices. You can also buy in

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