What is the best way to secure your gmail account ! Safety Tips for secure gmail data ! How to secure gmail data ! How Can we secure gmail data ! Tips & tricks to secure your gmail data

Safety Tips for  secure gmail data ! How to secure gmail data ! How Can we secure gmail data ! Tips & tricks to secure your gmail data

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Now a days security of gmail is major issue . because it contains information about data ,user name and password we don't know when we losse password of gamil and we unable to re login and we loose all our information so I have a solutions about all these types of problems and issues

Take Backup:-

This is a software tool that can go to gmail-backup.com for free download. To use this, the IMAP service must be activated on Gmail. To do this, sign in to Gmail, first click on the gear icon and mail settings from the top right corner. You will be able to access ISAP under Forwarding and Pop / IMAP. Gmail backup will save data in the hard drive.

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Make A Alternate Gmail Account:-

If a software bug or system crash occurs then the likelihood of a change in Gmail account changes greatly reduces. So you have an alternative Gmail account and import all your mail and contacts on it.
 To do this, follow those steps:-

  • you sign in to your new Gmail 
  •  click on the gear icon that appears on the right side. 
  • Then click on Mail Settings.
  • You can also add both of your accounts.
  •  This increases the likelihood of keeping your Gmail data secure
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This service (backupify.com) backs up all the online services you use these days. For example, Gmail, Google Docs, Picasa, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Joeho and Blogger. Once backed up, you can save or download it at any time. In a way, this is a good way to handle your data. This service has provided crores of tweets and backups to emails every year. It is not too difficult to use this service.

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Mailstore (mailstore.com) is another free backup service in which you can access a variety of e-mail boxes via Pop3 or IMAP. This process is very easy. Just download its free software and go to Mail Credentials. Melstore has an online community that can deal with backup problems. From time to time you can take advantage of this.

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Local Email Cliant Backup:-

You can use it even while using Gmail and other accounts Are there. For this, you will need to start the POP3 service in Gmail. You can do this without any hesitation. The incoming server is pop.gmail.com, the protocol is POP, port 995 and you have the Gmail username and password. Your data will be secure in the local email client backup.

Gmail Keepar:-

Once you spend some money, you can get the G Mail Keeper. It is designed to explain Gmail backup tools. It will back up all Gmail folders including Inbox, St Mail, Drafts etc. This will save backups as a zip file to your hard drive. There is a facility of backup of multiple accounts together.

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