How to take perfect shot from smartphone ! How to take perfect shot from your camera ! How to take perfect picture from camera

How to take perfect shot from smartphone ! How to take perfect shot from your camera ! How to take perfect picture from camera

By pexel

Some people have an interest in taking photographs from their smartphone, but they ignore the basic principles of photography. To get the perfect shot from the phone, you should avoid certain mistakes. So I have mentioned some mistakes and their solutions then you can take perfect click and perfect shot. 

1.Use the wrong app :-


 You get the default app with your smartphones to take photos. You take the most of it. There is a shortcut button to launch it. With this help you can easily take a lot of photos. 

Use the right app :-

at the moment there are a number of smart phone camera apps available on the Internet. You can use one of these camera apps Go to the iOS app store or Google Play and look for the cool camera app. Take an app that works to get better results and you feel relaxed. You can get both simple and customizable options.

2.Why use camera setting:-


 This is a choice of choice and is completely automatic. Then what do I need to go into settings? Is it for Professionals? IOS and shutter speed do not seem to be the brain.

Know your camera app settings: 

You do not need to know completely about Exposure Triangle but you should know what's in the settings - what exists. You should know, the aperture iOS and shutter speed have an effect on the quality of your photos.

3.Don't forget lighting:-

Mistake: -

Son's direction, coming from wikis. Reflection of light and glittering fascinating or clothing should not be considered any kind of problem.

Light is important:-

 if there is the sun behind anyone, then its photo will not come. Whatever applies to the position of light, the same shiny clothes and finishing fur also apply.

4.Use tripod:-

Who are the worries of mistake blur photos? Keeping in the hands of the camera, the tripod is not necessary. It is expensive and there is trouble in bringing
Try tripod, even if it is pocket size. Smartphone tripped results are fantastic It is in every shape, design and utility. These ranges from desktop stages to magnetic fits.

5.Take a quickly shot:-


You do not have time to go to the subject and neither is the energy to work on camera settings.

Understand the app:-

 and plan Just as the wrong app is harming your work, it is also dangerous to not understand the app properly. Understand what the app can do. With this you will be able to do further planning in the right way.

6.As far as possible, do not take into flash work:-


Some people think that flash is essential for taking photos from the camera. This can lead to problems of Red Eyes.

Use flash in rare case:-

Smartphone camera have a great low  Light sensors. In most cases you will not need Flash and if you need it, understand that this is not the right time and the right place to take a photograph. Keep the lens off. Turn on the flash only when you feel that it is very much needed.

7.Who needs " Rule of thirds":-


Many people do photography in haste. While I do photography, Ignore basic rules like "Rules of Thirds". Are there. This is probably the most important aspect of photography.

Activate the grid:

The default camera app has a grid button. It can follow "Rules of Thirds". Imaginary or Overland 3 Bai 3 can take great photos from the grid. Aligning the subject from the right or left vertical grid line can be done. If it is alive then the eyes should be horizontal aliens.

8.Make full use of the zoom feature:-

Mistake: -

Toggle mostly settings. Ignore, but try to get Zoom to work more and more. To get closer to the subject, there is a better option than zoom and what can be done?

Avoid zoom if possible:-

Digital jumas get bad photoshoppers. The best way is to go to the subject and take photos with the right composition. If necessary, then zoom it later.

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