Places To Visit Outside Of India In Winter

Places To Visit Outside Of India In Winter

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 What a cool breeze in the air, we got the cold winter! . . . Hi winter . . . started doing . Do not take the name out of the quilt. Who says the cold, it will be known when you will ever go to these cold places of the world.

Oymyakon, Russia :-
worlds  coldest city is Oymyakon There is always snow free. In the year 1924 Russian scientist Sergey Obrechev had a temperature of minus 71. Entered 2 degrees Celsius. Here is the lowest temperature of any place on earth where human remains. The environment here is very unfavorable for human living, because of this there are people living here.

Baro, Alaska:-
Located in the far north of the United State, this city, which is just 1300 miles south of the North Pole and 320 miles north from the Arctic Circle And . People living here due to fast and cold winds are not equal. Here the sun sinks at the end of November, then it does not grow until the end of January. Over 6 months in the year, the temperature here is less than the point of burial.

Esmmett , Greenland:-
 in the german language meaning of Emmett is - Ice Center. The lowest temperature minus 64. 9 ° C is recorded. It is counted in the coldest places of the northern hemisphere. In the last month of July, here is minus 1. 8 Di. Mr. Celsius temperature recorded. This month's average temperature minus 12. 2 degree Celsius. There is never sunset than ever since 13th July 30 and from November 23 to January 20.

   Verkhoyansk ,Russia:-
 world's coldest country of Russia and 3 Varagiosk here is the second most cold place. Here's the city that is present in the Republic of the city. According to the census of the year 2011, the population here was only 2893. In the year 1638, its search was as a fort and here it was tin and gold mine. Apart from this, this place is considered to be special for animal husbandry. Here is the airport, the river is the port and the tutor to collect fur. There is a tight-handed house.

Vostok station Antarctica:-
Vostok station is the Antarctic Research Station It is located on Southern Pole. It is the highest month in Vistok. August is the minus 89. Founds to 2 degrees Celsius. An interesting here is that the sun is also seen here at the highest time (hour). While the May is not till the troops of May here, in the December, then here for the earth 22. There is a light of sun to the hurry of the sun. May be in the past. "The presence of the sun is not even for a minute.

Snag Yukon canada:-
The name comes in the list of the world's cold cold villages in the switch. In the Eukon Highway of Canada, 25. From the shore creek on the east of the Araka Highway, M. S. Saga is located in the south. This is the highest amount of September in the village of White River in the Krownena Valley, at that time the minus is 63 degrees Celsius.
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