How to use Mobile banking apps safely

            How to use Mobile banking apps safely

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Nowadays mobile banking apps have increased trends along with mobile phones. They should be used with caution. If someone gets a sense of personal information, then there can also be loss.

Promotional SMS:-

 now a days fashion of fake spam SMS. Has increased significantly. These messages offer attractive offers. After clicking on these, the download of malware starts in the mobile. This allows hackers to access personal banking information.


Banks have developed tools that monitor spam mails. google administrator and lifehacker tools can detect spam mails.

Phone without lock:-

If  There is no lock in the phone. . And if it is lost then information can be found by going to the mobile banking app in Hackers.


Banks will not be able to access mobile banking until they get the request from SMS and voice-enabled mobile phone number. Banks follow a safe standard request format.

Non-Update Banking app :-

* If you have a mobile app * of the bank and have not updated it from time to time, then this malware can be caused by the virus. With this, anyone can know the details of mobile banking application.


Bank Black - The filter uses the list to check the listed application version. Version Black - If there is a list, you will get an error message and the app will have to be upgraded.

Use of Wi-Fi:-

 if you use free public Wi-Fi or shared Wi-Fi connection, you accept the application of mailware. These are information from your mobile phone. Can reach


Most banks prepare white and black lists of IP address and domain names. This does not expose the mobile app to an unknown domain.

illegal software:-

 Which targets the file of the download content from the unknown website. After the Binders come to the mobile, the information related to mobile banking can be scaled up.


Do not store information on back mobile phones. Bank related information is sent from the mobile phone to the bank in an encrypted manner.

Mobile operating system:-

Mobile Banking using an old mobile operating system can be dangerous. Hackers can be dental in it. Special arrangements are made for security in the new version of mobile OS.


 Bank mobile monitors monitor twice apart. It is taken for special tools, for the help of most of the bank in the eco system.

Weak password :-

if you use the same password for mobile banking, which is used in all other apps, then steal passwords from other apps from malware. Could.


A six digit password is required for mobile banking. It is safer than a four digit password.

Settings of other apps:-

 If you do pop up while downloading apps on your mobile phone, then this allows anyone to access the mobile banking details in your app.


 Banks use such apps , Which provide scores on operating system security updates and malware detection. Even if the application can decide to turn off the mobile app.

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