How to give security to your password ! Apps & programs to secure your password ! Secure your password! Save your password from Hackers

How to give security to your password ! Apps & programs to secure your password ! Secure your password! Save your password from Hackers

By pexel

Now a days security of our password is a major problem .we don't know that how to secure our password from Hackers .so I am covering some tricks for secure your password.
Security website is tough to remember strong and easy passwords. Free Password Manager can help in this. 

KeePass 2.28:-
 This open-source password manager is completely free on every link for consumers ranging from Consumers to Enterprises. Its cool plugs win everyone's heart. 

Enpass Password Manager 5:-
This is Free Encass Password Manager 5 Stores your different types of personal data. If you want to take it to mobile devices, then paying.

 Myki Password Manager:-
My password password and the ventilator keeps the passwood save in the smartphone instead of the cloud. The slot interface is good. Handy manufactures an excellent support from the plantation.

1U Password Manager :-
Free 1U password manager manages the password on the desktop. But the mobile device has to be used in order to complete biometric authentication. There is no master password with 1 U. It is entirely dependent on face recognition on biometrics specially.

Last pass:-
Last pass is a lot of advanced features in the free addition. It provides better service from paid competitors. It remains sync with all Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS devices. The product still exists on version 4, but designers have changed the interface and some new features are also added.

Avira Password Manager :-
Avira Password Manager performs password management on all devices. But this form does not offer filling secure sharing and other advance features. It only has to remember a master password and Avira collects all the existing passwords or generates a unique password.

 Logmissions has not set the limits for the number of saved or the number of devices being used. This is an advertisement on your login and some other pages. Some advanced features are not available in free editions. This free choice manager is much more feature-rich than its many computators.

One ID:-
MasterPassword is not required in device based security of  free oneID. It takes the authentication device based on it. It's easy to use. If you are a person who does not remember strong passwords and are worried about device protection then this product is very useful to you.

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loved your post man. this is the best website by far.

January 2, 2019 at 2:34 AM ×

Thanks for sharing such a knowledgeable post on How to give security to your password. Keep sharing such kind of list for password security. I hope you will definitely share some interesting post on unique topic.
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February 16, 2019 at 12:23 PM ×

Password Managers and Password generators are necessary nowadays for security point of view.