SIM Is Not Deactivated which is Issued Through Aadhaar KYC In India ! Indian Governments Declaration

       SIM is not closed through Aadhaar KYC

The Government clarified that nearly 50 Karad phones issued on IKEC of the base would not be stopped and the DTC and Indian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI), through a mobile app to issue a new SIM card, is completely seamless and digital process Are preparing to bring out those who will fully comply with the Supreme Court's decision in the Aadhaar case. . The telecom department and UIDAI in a joint interest on Thursday clarified that the news regarding the risk of closure of 50 million mobile numbers is coming in the media which is totally wrong. It is almost half of the total active mobile phones. Such reports are false and fictitious in the Fairy way. News reports of mobile users The middle is trying to create unnecessary rumors. Media reports claim that without the latest identification, the SIM cards received through base verification will be closed. It has been clarified in the statement that the Supreme Court has not given any direction in the matter of decision in the Aadhar case that the mobile number issued through Aadhaar EKYC has to be closed. So there is no reason for treason or fear. People believe in such rumors Should not. The court has not asked for the removal of all EVAV data of telecom customers after six months. He has said that UIDAI should not have authentication log for more than six months. | UIDAI is banned and not on telecom companies Therefore, there is no need to remove the authentication log for telecom companies. It has been stated in the statement that according to the decision, if a person wishes to convert his base to fresh KYC by the KYC, then he can first request a service provider on the mobile KYC by submitting fresh OVD as per the circulars of the Department of Telecommunications. But in any case there is no instruction to stop the old mobile number. The statement states that the court has Due to the deficiency, the basis has been banned by issuing new SIM cards through the eKYC authentication process. There is no guideline for deactivating the old mobile phone in it. He said that the Department of Telecom and UIDAI are in the process of launching a completely uninterrupted and digital process for issuing a new SIM card through a mobile app which will fully comply with the Supreme Court's decision in the Aadhar case. Presentation of the live picture of the person including the latitude, longitude and time stamp in the proposed process. Will be involved. 'A photo of ID like Aadhar card, voter identity etc. will be included in this. The SIM card agent has been certified through OTP. Will go and SIM card will be issued. This process will be completely seamless and digital.

Customers need not worry about SIM Deactivated:- 

The top organization of the telecom companies, COAI, on Thursday reported on the news of the closure of the base EKYC certified SIM, that there is no need to worry about customers and companies Is committed to facilitating it. COAI said in a statement issued here that customers do not have to worry about the news related to the 50 crore SIM closure. He said that those customers who want to withdraw their Aadha numbers from SIM can contact their operator in this regard and can get the verification done by making the documents available in line with the instructions of the Department of Telecommunications. In this situation, the old SIM will not be closed. He said that the basis of verification of other official documents such as passport, PAN card, driving license, voter identity card etc is valid document for customer verification.
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