how to secure your data & privacy in this digital life Tricks

how to secure your data & privacy in this digital life Tricks

As the use of technology has increased, by the way - concerns about cyber security are increasing all over the world, you have to do some special measures to secure your digital life. Know about them

Protect your hardware:-

You have to take care of your phone like a baby because they are not durable and flexible like old phone
Like the iPhone X of the Available and the Galaxy Note 8 of the Galaxy, the Martofones set up several milestones last year. Their screens look great and they are amazingly fast. Their price is also much higher than older smartphones. There is only one defect in them, compared to the older phones Do not remember Youth. The trend of these new smartphones is to display trend 3 as maximum number of faces. Body's in Most of the plates are made of glass. It is susceptible to breakdown. Now invest the smartphone safely. For this, a case or screen protector can take.

Use VPN:-

In the 7th, US Congress Take Vote for an overturning of the privacy rules. But for Broadband Providers, you have to know the browsing history and sell it to potential advertisers. Strong profitable rules are also not effective, that means nothing changes. Internet Service Providers can collect and share information about you. You need to be alert for this. You should secure a virtual private network (VPN).

Keep Your Software Updated :-

There were several types of dangerous cyber attacks in the past year, including RanSware. This is dangerous software, which locks people's data and shows the fear of eliminating the ransom. Ranaswari named Vanakrai shook the whole world. This episode reminded the world that it is important to keep the software up to date.

Delete Unwanted Apps:-

A lot of third-party apps can steal your personal information. There are many such apps and web services that you forget to downlad or subscribe. And they have access to your data. Once a year You should audit your third-party apps. You should tune the apps on your smartphone, which You have not used for months. You should check your primary online accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google which apps are connected to them.

So these are the great ideas about our security
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Congrats bro Mathias you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...