How to become a computer expert in easy steps

How To Become A Computer Expert In Easy Steps

We use the computer every day, but there are a number of hidden features that nobody usually knows. Know about the features that can make the job easier to get on the computer. And we can make our life easy and not a time consuming life here is the top easiest methods to become a computer expert in easy steps

How To Become A Computer Expert In Easy Steps

1.Excellent calculator:-

 by default, Windows 7 and Windows 8 show you basic version of the calculator app. If you want a great calculator, then when you open the calculator, go to the view in the menu bar. You see many options. Will . Calculate unit conversion, data calculation and vehicle mileage etc. 

System reliability :-

If the PC is not working right then the system's. Reliance should check For this, go to the system and security in the control panel and click on the Action Center. Here is the system's reliability history. It tells you which programs and services are having problems.

Open a program multiple times:-

 If you are running a program and want to run the same program again with it, then you should disperse on the program icon in the Luke Bar by pressing the Shift button. This will launch the app immediately. This method is useful instead of searching the app's shortcut.

Compitibility mode:-

  Many programs do not run on Windows 7 and Windows 8, because their development stopped. For such programs, go to their properties and go to the Competitibility tab. Set in Windows 98 or XP mode. 

Multiple File Selection :-

First, you can go to Control Panel and click on Folder Options and go to View. Enables 'Use check boxes to select items' in Advanced Settings. A check box will appear on every file.

Quick Access menu:-

Windows 8 users can open access menus to access system management services such as disk management, device manager, and control panel. For this, you need the mouse pointer in the left hand corner corner of the screen to the mouse pointer. Right click to take place.

Take select screenshots:-

Scan buttons are a common way for screenshots for screenshots for Windows users. Mice Another method is to provide a sleeping tool. Please search first to launch the smocking tool. Click on the new slope. Choose area of ​​choice and this id will take a scan of that area. .

Secret ' send to 'menu:-

by default if right click on a file. And if you go to the sand r menu then there are a lot of Aus. If you keep pressing the shift button after clicking on it on a file, then there are several additional features and the seal folders in the Send to Dialog box. 

Bandwidth Usage Limit :-

Windows 8 has multiple love tiles, so the updates can end the bandwidth. To avoid this, click on the network connection on the Chams Bar and select Set A Ford Connection option. If you have a slow connection then it is useful for you. Problem Steps Recorder To access this tool you must first search the Problem Steps Recorder. Rather than tell a customer care person or a friend about the problem related to your computer, with the help of this tool, you can record screenshots with every captioned action taken on the desktop. This can ease your understanding of the problem.

So this is the my methods  for 

How To Become A Computer Expert In Easy Steps 

Thank you for reading if any problem presist then comment me I definitely help you  
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