Ways To Earn Money Without Any Investment 2018

  Ways To Earn Money Without Any Investment

By -praveen Kumar lakhara

Hello friends we know that after pass out from school or college or if  you are a housewife and you not have enough money to invest and want to start your own business or you are a housewife or and you want to pass your time and want to open a business for side income then we face many problems like fund like time like then I am sharing ways to earn money
So this article is for them who want to start their own business without invest a penny and want to make a good income so read this article carefully
I have many ideas for make money without any investment
These are following-
Frist of all we have to know about you what you have inside and what is the talent inside you and take it outside and start the business according to your talent you definitely get success

 Start a dance classes- 

If you are a housewife or a student and you have dancing talent then this business is best for you can start this at you home so there is no issue of pay rent of any place 
So this is the way to earn money without any money

Start a coaching or tution classes - 

If you have a deep knowledge of teaching field or or you have passed recently from college and you have the knowledge of the any subject then you can open a coaching class at your home .this is the good way of earning at home without any investment

Recruitment agency- 

Recruitment agency is a good option and it does not require money and you can open recruitment agency at home .you need just a phone and internet connection and some contacts. 

Start a online website- 

You can make a online website free of cost without any charges and online websites have huge potential of make money for you in lacks or dollars


What is freelancing- in freelancing you have to select a field in which you have pro knowledge like data entry like Photoshop etc and you get order from online and you get paid for your work
Freelancing is good though for make money online or at home this business also have huge potential you need a working internet connection and fluency in english many website is available for freelancing jobs . 


If your interest in photography then you can do this job at home and you can also do this job on freelancing website they give money for your photos and you can sell photos online if any one want your photos then they pay for photos and you get money at home 

Interior designer- 

You can do this without a penny if you are a creative and 

You have special skills then this business for you . 

Wedding planner or match making - 

Many people hire marriage planer or for their marriage arrangements like food management like waiter management then this is the good option for you.

Real state or broaker business-

If you want to make carrier in real state or as a broker then property selling business is best for you this business give huge amount of commission. 

insurance agent or broker - 

This business is no need to office or a place all the work of field this business needs only internet connection and a bike and a mobile phone and you need some contacts only. Many of companies gives their Frenchie 

Share market commission agent-

If you have good Knowledge of share market and you know how to take profit and know what is up down in market then you can consult to other and make money for them and take your commission this business needs a internet connection and a phone

Content writing- 

If your intereste in content writing and you can write for some one for given topics then this is good Option for you and you can make money here as a freelancer

Cooking services or Babysitter- 

This option for a housewife . She can cook food for someone on their home or she can do tackcare of babies this is the good option for a housewife

 Tifin centre- 

If your interest in cooking then you can open a tifin centre and you can deliver food to their home and take money for food you can do this business without money at home

App development- 

You can develop a app without any knowledge and publish it on Google play store and implement ads on this app from Google admob you can make huge and huge money from app but you have to choose a topic in which topic you want to make app 
If any problem raised plz comment me I will help you 🙂🙂🙂 
Final Words
So Guys This is my own ways to earn money without any investment, I hope You find Our Article helpful for you, please do share and comment your thought about this all ways to earn money without any investment 2018. Thank You!

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Hi Praveen kumar
Nice and useful article
I completed Digital Marketing training and now would like to be a freelance writer
Do keep posting these kinds of articles

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Best of luck keep going
Get your goals