how to add google adsence code on blog for blog varification

How To Add Google Adsence Code On Blog For Blog Varification

By - Praveen kumar lakhara

Hello friends today I gonna tell you about Google Adsence related problem 
Post contains- 
1. How to Generate Adsence varification code 
2. How to copy ad code
3.where we have to put ad code 
4. Then how to varify

So now let's talk 
Whenever we create a blog on blogger we design it and develope the blog and we do many more stuff and we put more and more effort for blog  then now the blog is ready 
Then we have to write post 
At least 30 posts we have to write for Google Adsense approval we all know that.
After all effort and facing problems we are ready to put Google aAdsens code in your blog 
Keep in mind all posts are genuine 
 Now to come to the main topic how to put and generate and varify blog on Adsence
1. How to generate Adsense code to varify-
 Frist of all open your blogs deshboard
Then go to tab Earnings
Then click on yes 
After clicking on yes 
Click how you want to show ads on blog
After that continue
Login your mail id
Then fill the form which is opened like your website detais 
And your address etc

Then continue to next

2.How to to copy  ad code - 
After association of you site you get a code for Varification for your blog 
It's easy step to do 
See the image below type of adcode
Now after getting code paste this code in to your blog between <head> and </head> tags

Now question is where we get html programing file into your blog

  Just click on theme

Go to edit html and press cntrl+ f  and search <head>
You get head tag paste code below head
And save the theme

At last wait for three days and Adsence will reply to you
Your blog is approved or not

If any question you want to ask plz contact me or comment me below I will help you
 Thank you
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